• hard choice I hate to keep it all in the middle but I was hoping they would stay together I love Kenny but I would have to go with luke because when he asked if I was with them no matter what I said yes

  • Here comes the down votes.

    Luke because he can protect Clem. He is nice, friendly, skilled with a Machete, and seems like a decent replacement for Lee. Kenny on the other hand had kind of lost it. The awkward laughing, calling Clem Duck, replacing Katjaa with Sarita, the drinking, the anger issues(getting mad for carrying a box!?). I love the man but if I piss him off (I tried to save Larry) will he leave me to die? When I was Lee he could have helped on so many occasions(drugstore and Danny St John) but because I didn't do what he wanted he just watched knowing that I could have died.

    • I don't think he's lost it. He didn't really replace Kat with Sarita, it's been a fucking year, let the guy move on. In the year after his wife died, Rick had already slept with two other fucking women. Calling Clem Duck was not evidence of this either, as Clem was mostly seen with Duck, while the kid was still alive, and Kenny only knew Clementine for 5 more days after Duck's death, so the association that would've come from them being close friends wouldn't have dissipated. Did Kenny drink in this episode? I don't think so, right? The only times he ever drank was when grieving, and when he thought he was about to die. The anger is a maybe. The guy was always pissed at everything. I almost am tempted to think that him getting mad over the box was a joke by the developers, showing how trivial he is. Other than that, I agree with you.

  • I tried to stay neutral when talking to Kenny, as the pro-Kenny statements were too adoring and starry-eyed, and they creeped me out a bit. The anti-Kenny statements were too hostile, and mean, and completely unbelievable from Clementine's standpoint. The only reason she might ever have to hate Kenny is for killing Larry. And Lee did that shit (possibly), and she's done plenty of bad shit since then, and loved people who did that sort of bad shit.

    As for Luke, I had no problem being pro Luke. Guy saved my life twice, and on top of that, he actually is a well written character. When it came down to Luke asking me if I trusted Kenny, I said he's a little different. Then he came over and insulted my two favorite new characters, and yeah, I decided that Luke and Nick are way cooler and more interesting than Ken.

  • Personally I feel like lee and kenny were friends more than Clem and Kenny. I do like Kenny but I feel like Luke is more sociable and more of a reliable person at the moment. I feel like Luke is able to protect Clem more than Kenny who tends to break down in bad situations. I really like Luke overall and I think I would pick him if I Had to, but still that doesn't mean I don't like Kenny. I do, I just trust Luke more right now.

  • Luke. Kenny has a few too many screws loose. I feel like your decisions would be decided for you with Kenny, where with Luke it would be more of a democracy.

  • Luke. These guys are new, and I'm not sure I trust them 100% yet, but I **know **I can't trusts Kenny for 100 % - basing on his agenda from S1, which I wasn't comfortable with. Still great t ohave him back, though.

  • I'd stick with Kenny. I'll admit, Luke seems more stable at the moment, but for me, I'm not one to just abandon my friends. Kenny is in a fragile state of mind right now, but doesn't that mean he may need someone to help him through it? As much as I like Luke, who is one of my favorite characters from the season, I'd stick with Kenny if it came down to it.

  • If Kenny turns into a nutjob, like i think he is becoming, then it's Luke all the way. Otherwise, i'd say Kenny, he's the type of guy who will do anything to try to help you (unless he hates you) and never surender when things are really dark, of couse that is also one of his flaws since it got Walt killed.

    P.s: As a side note we don't know how skilled Luke is with a gun, and you know that being able to shoot well comes in handy MORE than often.

  • Kenny always really cared just for him and his family (which is dead now), that and the fact hes probably gone crazy means instantly choosing Luke, who is overall a nice guy and has actually helped Clem when he didn't know her and didn't had to.

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