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I didn't teach Sarah how to shoot but I think that will bite me in the ass later

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What do you think?

  • It could be possible. Maybe later in the Season knowing how to shoot or not will be the difference between life or death for Sarah, and Carlos will either blame Clementine for her death or thank her since she saved Sarah in a way.

  • Yeah I taught her to shoot asked her not to tell her dad though basically I think it's a necessity in the walking dead world and honestly think its going to be helpful in the next episode.

  • when it comes to children (or child like people) i am always worried that something like this scene from Planet Terror would happen

  • It will probably come up sooner or later, but it may be a bit of a trap as well. Clem only taught her how to hold and grip one. Maybe Sarah either gets scared or can't handle the recoil from live rounds and she dies/gets injured regardless.

  • But it's Sarah we're talking about... I taught her how to aim the gun but I don't know it could go either way. What if she accidentally shoots a group member? Maybe it might be helpful later on and she will be able to protect herself, we'll just have to wait and see though.

  • I taught her how to shoot mostly out of my conscious cause i really don't want it to bite me in the ass

  • Telltale have a habit of making what seems to be the 'Moral' or 'Smart' choice not as straight forward as they seem, case in point the Season 2 Episode one watch. One would think stealing it would be a bad decision but later you get to have a touching moment with Nick without him thinking to hard on exactly why you took it in the first place. Personally since I have two playthroughs I expect something like this to happen. Sarah is being chased by one or two Zombies while Carlos/Anyone is reloading their gun. While she is running she finds a convenient gun on the ground; If you taught her she gets over-confident in her abilities and misses, CHOMP! CHOMP! CHOMP! If you didn't teach her she keeps running past it and her savior finishes reloading.

    That's just a theory, It's probably incorrect as survival training should be mandatory and TTG made a big deal of it in Season 1 but it was a theory I've had since I played that scene on my first playthrough. (Where I taught her)

    • Gosh, you theory about how ut'll probably get Sarah killed is so realistic - knowing Telltale.

      But, I guess, teaching her how to shoot (and fight, and salvage - in future) is still the only way this kid has a slim chance to survive in ZA

  • If you ignore Sarah when she asks u to teach her she aims the gun to her head and pulls the trigger, but it just clicks as it's not loaded. Whoa wtf!!!

    She probably didn't even know if it was loaded or not, man what if it was? I think we now know for sure how much this girl has been kept away from society by her dad.

    This is no joke, she really did.

    • I don't remember her pulling the trigger or heard any clicking. Sarah just aims it carelessly at Clem and Clem ducks and tells her not to do that. Then Sarah apologetically points the gun away.

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    OzzyUK Moderator

    I told her its dangerous and didn't teach her how to use it as i was afraid that she could try shooting a walker but end up killing someone by accident, even if you do teach her it's only a quick lesson and will hardly help her if she did try so shoot something.

  • Still, now she knows something, at least. It may come handy later. Beside, even Clem who had practice didn't use it before later. In my save file, actually Clem killed the stranger. I didn't mean to, tough... anyway, she's gotten tough, but the was Carlos treats his daughter, I'm afraid she won't stand much of a chance to survive. Trying to hide what's really happening out in the world. I don't think that protects her. Learning the true facts will.

    • Yeah I agree but looking at some of Sarah's reactions when she asks Clem about where her dad is and she panics and starts to breath harder it seems to me that she suffers from panic attacks and anxiety which would make it difficult for her to handle high stress situations so I think Carlos has some legitimate concerns with his daughter I personally think he should of been slowly building Sarah up teaching her bits and pieces about surviving so not to over whelm her.

      • I agree. He really should've been trying to teach her something that would help her survive. And, assuming Sarah has an anxiety disorder and not some form of mental illness, teaching her how to defend herself and handle scary situations would probably give her more confidence and make her feel stronger. Carlos wasn't doing Sarah any favors by shielding her so much. I hope they don't pay the price for her being useless in a crisis :(

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