• I also predict that "Sarah will remember this" about my christmas ornament choice will end up with her trying to say Clem has religion too.

  • Something you didn't mention in your predictions is the fact that you can't burn Lees picture in episode1, but you are able to burn the drawing of Kenny and his family. I think the drawing will be very important for Clem and Kenny's relationship. (similar to her relationship with Nick...with uncle Petes watch)

    • Oh yeah I forgot that because I burned the picture in my first playthrough. I didn't know you actually couldn't burn Lee's photo I just didn't want to because I assumed Kenny was dead and Clementine was willing to let go of him but not of Lee yet.

  • I also predict that Luke is not what he seems after watching his facial expressions and behavior in certain scenes. He might be a psychopath himself.

  • I also predict at some point down the road we'll run into Molly again. But not in Carver's Camp or Wellington or anywhere else and there will be very little if any clues to her showing up. There won't be a "I thought you were dead" in a trailer scene. There will be either a really subtle hint like Sarah on a walkie talkie to Clem saying something like "I met a girl named Hilda on it" or a pick laying on the ground subtley while Clementine is shown doing something in the next episode. Probably more likely is if they bring her back it'll be like most TV Shows like Supernatural where the previously on spoils the episodes twists by showing characters who showed up before, if I ever see anything on a Previously On during Supernatural I know it'll be a plot point in that nights episode.

  • I predict Clementine will be forced to fight to the death in an arena and if Clem spares her opponent Carver will kill them anyway.

  • I predict that while in Carver's Compound we'll come across some kids pretending to be knights and offer Clementine to play and be the queen. These loveable scamps will be a joke about the TTG fan community K.I.Q.C.S. They will also end up getting eaten by Walkers.

  • I predict a pointless choice perhaps in a cafeteria

    So what do you want for your main course.
    A. Lemon Pepper Fish
    B. Porkchops
    X. Barbecue chicken
    Y. ....

    What do you want for your fruit dish
    A. Apples
    B. Peaches
    X. Friuit Cup

    What do you want for desert?
    B. Jello
    X. Cookie

    What do you want to drink
    B. Water.
    X. Whiskey
    Y. ....

    You can't have whiskey.
    A. Why not?
    X.{Drank with Nick or refused} Nick let/offered me
    X.{went with Pete} That's not fair.
    B. Fine just water then

    All Y's of course have Clem going on hunger strike.

  • Crazy bandit Clem FTW!!!

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