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For those who went with Nick at the end of episode 1, did you have Clem drink with him? I was tentative at first but he got me when he said it'd be my first drink and my last. Plus I remember Lee as loving bourbon.

It also helped me kind of get over the guilt of leaving Pete when Nick toasted to him. This was one of my favorite scenes in an incredible episode.

  • Drank that shit up no questions asked. It's not like she's gonna turn into an alcoholic over it.

    Next time on the Walking Drunk

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    I had a drink with him, It looked like he needed the company, I felt bad for leaving Pete but you know.

  • I accepted the drink, didn't regret it. That way I got to know Pete's full name. " To Peter Joseph Randall, the nicest mean old bastard I ever knew." R.I.P. Uncle Pete

  • Cmon. What would lee say guys -.-? an 11 year old letter drink whiskey cmon.

  • I was afraid that she'd start to develop an addictive behaviour after her first sip and that it would ruin her life.Then her relationship's would be destroyed, she'd start doing things she'd regret and she'd have to go to rehab and forever be a raging alcoholic.

    But then I remembered it was the Zombie Apocalypse and I thought "Screw it." And got my drank on.

  • Haha come on guys, a sip of whiskey isn't going to get you addicted. I remember my dad jokingly let me try some bourbon when I was younger and I thought it was gross as hell.

    And as for Lee, he could drink both when Duck died and when they were trapped in the attic. So I don't think he'd be too opposed to Clem trying it.

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