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Carver's Big Speech

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"I know... Folks are sore over what happened. Buts let's remember, these are our brothers and sisters and they all have a vital role to play in this community. Hey strayed from the flock, yeah...But that don't mean they can't earn their way back into the fold.I don't mean we can't find it in our hearts to forgive them, knowin' full well those who choose not to accept our love... Will surely wish they had."


"A storm is on the way"

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What do you take of Carver's speech? What does it mean? What will happen in Episode 3?

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    If Carver kills Luke, Kenny or Nick, I'm gonna go full ape shit on his ass, As for Carver's speech, I'm not really sure what to think of it, It looks like he is running a concentration camp as well, I hope Episode 3 can live up to my expectations.

  • Carver's basically a cult leader.

  • I like to think that Carver's base is a Nazi camp.

    No just kidding. Anyway,he's somesort of community leader where living seems to be pretty hard if you don't like what Carver is doing.

  • I think he's really trying to craft his own "perfect" little utopia where everyone obeys him, gets along and never gets into trouble.
    It's just that his way of keeping everyone in check and maintaning it "perfect" is not really the most sane one.

    His goal of everyone living in peace together seems somewhat noble, but he's got a few screws loose when it comes to politics in there.

    "Now we can all go back to our home like a real family"

    You go against his little fantasy world = you disappear, get tortured into submission or die

  • I'm wondering who he's talking to. Seems like he's giving a huge speech to his loyal subjects, but who are they exactly? If SenhorCreeper is correct then there's a guy called Mike and a Guard, but them plus Bonnie and Troy can't be it. The 400 days group only bumps that number up to about nine, but I was expecting about thirty or so people, though those would just be nameless bandit-type characters. Maybe Vernon's group, too? Leland perhaps? Eddie?

    • Yeah, it's not clear why Roman's group left the diner so it's possible some of them are now with Carver.

      From what Tavia said the "community" was pretty well established before they found the 400 Days people's camp. It might be a sizable group. Maybe even a hundred or so.

      • Agree. I also thought it could be 100. As I remember, there was a two hundred people community in the comic. Carver is a good leader, they have even machine guns and probably have a pretty good recruiter(s?). I think it could be big.

  • I dont what to say about the speech story-wise, it can mean lots of things. About the voice, Micheal Madsen does an excellent job, although for me he will always be the good old Budd.

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