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Did anyone notice the previews?

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So I've noticed that since Season 1, the previews for episodes have shown stuff that either wasn't in the episode or edited in the finished version, and so far it seems like every episode has been like this.
Examples Season 1:
In the Episode 2 preview, we see Katjaa either thanking Lee for saving Duck or warning him not to repeat what happened at Hershel's farm. I've never seen this in the episode. We also see Carley or Doug giving Lee a candy bar, which I also don't see.
We see Ben firing a rifle in what looks like the scene where Lee, Mark and Kenny find Ben, Travis and their teacher. This also doesn't happen ever. We see Kenny telling Lee that somethings coming, and Lee running through a cornfield. We see Lee cut off the teacher's leg and the teacher says Lee's name even though he never knew anyone in the group.
In the Episode 3 preview, we see Lilly harassing Kenny and Lee for getting so little, which only happens if you only get a few things from the store. We see the discussion about who was giving the bandits supplies, but it takes place after sunrise, Kenny's involved in the argument, and Lilly says they can't let one person F*** it up for the whole group.

And in the Season 2 Episode 2 preview, we see Clementine explaining to the group about Carver showing up, and in the preview Carver seems to look completely different. And when Clementine says "I thought you were dead", which is only a choice bit of dialogue. Are the finished Episodes changed while we wait for them to come out? It just seems a bit like false advertising if we get something completely different.

  • It's because the next episode is unfinished and only partly-written at the time of the preview. It's just to give you the gist of what it'll be about.

  • Each episode preview is designed solely for that episode. So in Season 1, Episode 1, the preview footage we saw wasn't actually from Episode 2. It was made exclusively as trailer material, but used assets, like models and voice acting, from the actual Episode 2 plans.

    Effective, but it can get a little annoying sometimes when Telltale changes almost everything from the preview.

    • Well, I, personally, like when things in the game differ - even significantly - from the trailer footage. It helps to avoid spoilers and gives you the right mood in the game, when you literally don't know what to expect. I mean, noticing how long we have to wait for the episodes to be released and how many times most of us watch the trailers, trying to investigate every detai in them, it's good when the game after is still able to astonish you.

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        OzzyUK Moderator

        I did notice that they did make significant changed from the trailer to the game

        From the trailer

        Alt text

        From the game

        Alt text

        Removing important characters really does help avoid spoilers, i also looked at every detail when i watch the trailers :)

  • gamers and reviewers of season one have say that they take our choices and comments to shape the episodes. my example is everyone was hating on Larry so in episode 3? when you had to kill him or save him they want you to fell bad about his death and make it hard to choose.

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    Jennifer Moderator

    This is actually not that uncommon in entertainment. It happens in movie previews too. There are often clips that show up in the trailers but end up on the cutting room floor for whatever reason.

    I actually think they (both the film cuts and Telltale's cuts) are quite interesting. They give you a small glimpse into the directing process, since you can see how things changed from script to final.

  • I really thought the previews where always just "guesses" the game took from the next episode, based on how I played my character before honestly. Say I play a nice, considerate lee. The next time preview in "starved for help" Will show that I barely got any supplies cause it'd guess my choice would be to.. give mercy to that woman and thus lose time in collecting supplies.

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