• I think you mean "Where is Luke?"...

    • That too. But what I'm really pointing out here is how Luke is acting strange as of late. Who is Luke? Is he a bad guy? Double-agent? A guy from another camp?

      • I don't think so why would he be hiding if he was a double agent? He would take care of Kenny and come out when the group was at gunpoint. I think he is being smart. He knew he couldn't take on Carver (alone), so maybe he is gonna help the group in ep. 3 bust out or something. I think he is following them, I don't think he would abandon them. I like Luke, I would trust him with my life (that scares me) but I'm still watching cause it's not MY life on the line it's Clems.

  • Here's what we know so far about Luke. He's a farm boy, worked with Nick, good with women and children, thinks killing lurkers are fun. Could Luke become like Lizzie from the show? He seems to get jealous and strict. Luke is missing,

  • If you piece together all the things said about him this last episode with the weird overly nice-guy way he acts around Clem, constantly plying her for information and testing her, it makes Luke super shady.

  • maybe he's withdrawing himself and start strategizing,and he will return in episode 3 by luring the walker into carver's place,and then coming in gun blazing with some crew,giving carver a taste of his own medicine

  • "Luke", " The Force". I can't be the only one putting two and two together?

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    He's poor lonesome cowboy.

  • "Carver said something like "if you hadn't followed that guy, you wouldn't be in this mess," possibly referring to Luke."

    Yeah, that line worries me a little. Still - just a little. Can't wait for Episode 3

  • Honestly Kenny said "he TOLD him to take a hike"

    And also apart from that there hasnt been much else of a major problem sign yet

  • Luke is a characters I can't really read. He's friendly enough, and good in a fight, and definitely likes dogs, but he's also really stubborn and kind of flighty and how he reacted to the Matthew situation really made me start thinking twice about him. His first instinct was to lie about it, and to urge--demand Nick and Clem to lie as well. I find that kind of telling of his personality and I feel like that moment is there for us to start questioning what else he might be willing to lie about if he feels like it will keep tensions low.

    He seems kind of pushy, too. When Nick was talking about him I got the feeling Luke pushed him into starting a business (whatever it was) that Nick didn't want to do, and is probably pushed into things by Luke a lot. If Luke led the group away from Carver, I wouldn't be surprised if he'd pushed Nick and his family into joining them.

    I'm just really not sure how I feel about Luke at this point. He's way too ambiguous. As Clem, I said I trusted him, but in truth I don't know.

    • What really bothered me was when Carver rounded them all up but didn't bother looking for Luke or even demanded to know where he is. Then he was like telling the cabin group that they finally cut him loose and that he was a danger to the group.

      Also, right before that, Kenny said that he was whining about something until he took off. There really must be something up about this guy.
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    I don't knoooow.
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