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Kenny Or Luke?

edited March 2014 in The Walking Dead

So i'm thinking some point soon they are gonna make us choose between "Saving Kenny" or "Saving Luke". I gotta say if that does happen im going pick Kenny. BTW i wonder if we ll see Lilly this season.




  • Luke

  • Kenny. We still don't know that much about Luke. Then again some people maybe choosing him because we do know a lot about Kenny. lol Never the less I'm picking Kenny if it comes to that. I'm not sure it will though.

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    I don't get why people are downvoted for choosing Luke. Everybody can have their own opinion.

  • Luke. Even though we still have questions about him, he watches Clem as a person, he showed care for her and listens to her opinion. While Kenny... not only had almost next to none interactions with Clem in S1, but I as Lee - personally- had almost no common ground with him in decisions in S1 . I just don't feel him being that reliable for my Clem. Though, i know, many people watch him as bro - and he is for them - because they played S1 differently.

  • I don't know yet. Kenny seems like he's snapping, and Luke ... I like him but whereas Lee always wanted to protect Clem, Luke is just like "Hey, go do this dangerous thing!" The whole group is, really. Kind of pathetic. They're all grown but they want Clem to do everything.

  • Luke, he has saved Clem more than Kenny, and is younger and more agile than Kenny

  • Right now, Kenny. Once I know I can trust him, Luke.

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