• What do you guys think?

    I think now I'm impressed.

  • I Think black wins the game in 3 moves lol

    • All kidding aside could you tell me how? If you're thinking Qf2+ and then white goes Kh1?? then black moves d2-d1 (promote to queen) it's checkmate in 2 not 3 but this means that white would be either throwing the game or committing a blunder.

  • I think Carver was trying to scare a child by acting smarter than he is.

    ...Not really. Developer oversight, but I like my excuse too.

  • You got the white peon wrong.

    Not sure if that makes a difference LOL

  • Alt text Just...just...

  • What if the board position is reversed? So in the third screen shot, white would be on the right and black would be on the left. Could it work then?

  • Ugh. think I'm a little hungover. Probably missed something.

    Black pawn d2-d1 queen
    White queen e4-f4
    Black queen f1-h1

    Checkmate. Now here's the part where I realise I've fallen into a trap. Or I don't know the symbols for the pieces, or I've move something somewhere/done that I'm not supposed to

  • Good catch. I was wondering about that too, but I forgot about it in the end to even check it out.

  • On the symbolism theory.

    "Queen" is being protected by Two Pawns.

    If we're to give the pieces roles.. let's assume this..

    Queen is Clementine, possibly from the fact this forum started the "Queen Clementine " meme and Telltale implamented that into this foreshadowing.

    The two pawns infront of her is Kenny and Luke, who at the moment are in a rivalry with eachother.

    They're defending her from Three other pawns and a queen.

    Now, we don't know the relationship between Bonnie and Carver yet. But let's just assume they're in some sorta relationship.
    The good pawns are clearly outnumbered, possibly ending up badly for one of them.. a choice maybe that clementine has to make?
    The Queen seems to be set up in a position to "escape" possibly eluding to the fact Bonnie may get scared at the outcome of this situation and we encounter her later.

    The black king will clearly be Carver. He is by Clemmy.. Maybe he'll try and kill us?

    ... heads up, just noticed a white pawn far far away. If this whole "traitor" Luke thing is true, this might change the two pawns infront of clemmy.

    What if the pawn a distance away is Luke? it makes sense right.

    maybe I'm looking too much into this.. I can continue if you wish.

    • You are not looking too much, I've myself wondered the symbolism of the chess table and why is that white pawn so far away? Is it because Luke ran away but he'll return with power to save everyone (pawn becomes a queen).

      Because I just realized that if that pawn turns into a queen then white is not going to lose that fast, if that pawn turns into a queen there's a chance that the king (clementine) will survive.

      I'm guessing that pawn is Luke.

      • :P glad to see you getting involved in my crazy ideas.. and glad to see people agree.

        ah, finding symbolism is fun.

        Personally? I trust Luke, but I find some of his actions in episode 2 odd..

        • I found that too... both from Luke adn Kenny.

          Kenny is kind of messed up in the head, and obviously replaced Katja for Sarita and is trying to have a replace for Duck in his mind (Duck reference to Clem and Duck dressed with christmas clothes in the house). ALso Sarita looks a lot like Katja in the hair and face traits...

          Luke was kind off weird when he and Kenny left, I didn't even got why they left AND why would Luke want to go with Kenny instead of staying with his group? Trying to connect with him? it's a possibility.

          Also why did he just left Kenny for a fight they had (according to Kenny)? I mean did he had another plan that didn't put in motion in time? Did he knew that they couldn't win against Carver and hide so he can follow the group and save them later? I'm guessing they are all good possibilities, BUT still akwar behaviours

      • Same here. Luke seems to be a strong symbolic choice.

    • @Stevean2 I really like your thorough interpretation of this and no you're not looking too deep because when solving problems we all need to consider as many details as possible right? I wish I could add more to this but you covered plenty. Great job!

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