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Will Lily return for season 2 episode 3 or the season???

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What if Lily ended up joining Carver's group after she left. Kenny did say there was little gas in the camper left.You also can mention her to Alvin when he asks if anybody she knew ever did what Nick did. Lily is a professional in the Military so she might have joined Carver's group with Troy and the others. You could end up meeting her again and Clem questions her why she killed Carly/Doug. You could have a choice to forgive her or not. I don't know do you think Lily will return for season 2?

  • Carver's group seems like a good place to encounter Lilly, if she's in this season. I mentioned this in another thread, and I think not reintroducing Lilly would be a huge missed opportunity. For one thing, we'll be able to see her react to Clem based on her relationship with Lee, just like with Kenny. Also, I just feel like Lilly's return would be much more interesting than Kenny's ; like you suggested, should Clem trust and forgive a person that murdered one of her friends? Lilly clearly cared for Clem, probably more than she did for anyone else in the group after Larry died. How would Lilly treat the girl after her guardian abandoned her? Or if Lilly was the one who abandoned Lee?

    Telltale said that trust and who you can trust would be a big part of S2 (or something like that), and trusting Kenny really wasn't that difficult or interesting of a dilemma, even considering the subtle hints of his instability. Whether or not to trust Lily on the other hand...

  • I hate to say it but if she was in episode 3, i'd want her to join the main group with Kenny cause well I like the people from season 1 more then these new people.

  • Wow the dislikes came fast damn o.0

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    i hope not dat bitch shot carley for no reason at all

  • I understand that she is a known quantity vis-à-vis the Carley/Doug incident but I certainly would enjoy the dynamic created by her return. Also knowing all we do about her I'd be inclined to trust her more than someone like Carlos who I kind of enjoy as a character, but he is someone I still don't fully trust or understand. I suppose the same could be said for most of the new group, I still don't know enough in relation to their split from Carver to trust any of them.

  • I hope she does come back,then gets killed within seconds.

  • I hope we see her again, as part of Carver's group as others have said. It'd be cool to see how Lilly and Kenny interact with each other in a situation where one is basically powerless (Kenny, in this case). Lilly could use the situation to possible get back at him for what he did to Larry, or perhaps help him, Clem, and the others escape depending on which direction Clem's choices steer her in during the Episode (provided she shows up and we actually get to influence her).

  • It's possible of course... although unlikely since we have been told by her voice actress that she hasn't done any work for Telltale lately. It would add another interesting dynamic if not a bit far fetched. Two characters running into each other again would be lucky itself, it happening twice would be even less likely. But when has that ever mattered when it comes to telling a good story. :p

  • No because she went to woodbury after the events of SE1. Now it was 2 years ago in game time so maybe she will make a in game appearance but it's doubtful. She's actually in the tv show right now so I know she won't pop up in the game because that would create huge plotholes.

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