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    i wonder if carver will try to rape clementine

  • Hey welcome aboard and thanks for sharing your insights and analysis on the music. It was a great read.

  • Woaw great job you did here ! I like it !

    The slide of the 4th chapter afraid me more than the others, cause you can recognize the shadow of some charater ! Kenny on the left, Matthew on the right ... Maybe the blood on the face of Clem' represent the blood of the Kenny's group and, since clem and his group came, they got only trouble ... Mabye this time, Kenny will be really dead ...

    I'm with you for the last slide .. Maybe the corpse is Lee's one !

  • Damn, that's just about the most nightmare-inducing music I've ever heard...if you can even call it music. It puts me in an a lonesome and desolate mood, as if Clementine was the last human being alive on the entire planet. I wouldn't be surprised if episode 5 only features Clem in an ALL IS LOST-type scenario, with the ghosts of season 1 and season 2 haunting her every step through a barren wintry landscape, as you suggested.

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    Ok, I thought the Episode 4 OST was freaky but the Episode 5 OST is scaring the fucking shit out of me....

  • Sorry but destroying her mental sanity would be a bad move. There has to be some sort of accomplishment by the end of the season. If this whole season's point is to destroy her then it'll just make you want her to find peace through death or something. I always thought of episode 4 as a positive changing point for Clementine.

  • These songs are creepy. This whole theory is creepy, but very well thought out. I'm not sure if I'd like to see Clem take a dark turn or not, but if she does it might be cool to have her see illusions or have flashbacks.

  • Great analysis, I like it. But man those episode themes are creepy. They seem to be getting worse, perhaps like Clementine's future mental state. Telltale has probably realised by now that when characters start to lose it, they do crazier things and the fans might lose a bit of respect towards them. My thought is that they're planning to do this to Clem, so that we're playing as a character that's slowly turning into a 'monster' despite her young age.

    'Amid the Ruins' seems to help prove this point, as the blood on her face is either some kind of war paint, or Clem's getting some blood on her hands. She's also missing her hat. Now, judging from what we've seen in Season 1 and part of Season 2, her hat is something that is incredibly important to her; it's pretty much the last thing that she has to remind her of her parents. If she's not wearing it, she may have just 'dismissed' her parents. This is also a sign that she is maturing a little faster than Lee might want her too. To be honest, I think it'll be like what Shel says about Becca, "She dismisses things she cares about so easily now". I hope that doesn't happen, but it seems like it may happen.

    • I really hope that doesn't happen. I don't want to play as another Carl and i doubt anyone would want to either.

      • I'm sure if telltale went down that road, they would handle it better than the way the comics and tv show handles Carl. Clem's smart, Carl.. not so much. Clem is the main character, while Carl is a less important character used for the sake of having a kid that Rick cares about. I think of it as more of a hollow and unforgiving Clem than a bratty and edgy one.

        • Yeah, I agree. I'm just imagining a scene in which this 'hollow' Clementine could react to a certain situation. For example:

          Say Carver has been doing some horrible stuff while the group has been in his camp. But, during Amid the Ruins or something, say the group found a way out, but Carver is after them. A fight ensues, and Carver gets beaten up pretty bad (Not by Clem, say, Kenny). But Kenny stops before he can kill Carver, and decides to walk off. Clementine is then given her first truly life-changing decision: whether to finish Carver or not. If you choose to kill Carver, Clem grabs a gun or a melee weapon (Players choice) and approaches Carver. The group says, "C'mon Clem, leave him, he's a goner now anyways." But then you have some dialog options. One of the main ones could be to just shout, "NO!!" to the group, with an almost sadistic look on her face. This would leave them all in shock, and Carver gets killed by Clementine. Any thoughts?

          • I think Clem fears him more than hates him in EP3, at least in the beginning. But that idea could work if Carver did a lot of horrible things to Clem, instead of just making them do slave labor and hitting like the preview we saw implies. I like that idea actually, and it gave me an idea too. Each layer of the song represents the emotion that episode will give you, so if you combine it all together, it's like Clem's worst memories and experiences from each episode combined into one sadistic and creepy Clem. Just a thought, but the idea of it intrigues me.

            • Nice thought on the fact that they represent emotions. Episode 2's theme has a kind of 'I've got a bad feeling about this' vibe, which is probably what most people were thinking later on in the episode. Episode 3's theme definitely sounds like 'fear' to me. It could also represent the unknown, as no one yet knows the fate of Rebecca's baby. Episode 4's theme represents 'revenge' or maybe just complete darkness. Maybe Carver or another member of the group (Maybe even Clementine) will do something so unbelievable and twisted that things get very gloomy. Finally, Episode 5's theme seems very chilling. I can tell that wherever they end up is not going to be a nice place. Clementine will also probably get haunted by memories. Maybe guilt is building up inside her, but we can't tell just yet.

    • I really like what you said about the themes getting worse and how Clementine might go a little crazy as the episodes continue. Who can blame her? She's been through a lot so far and it's only getting scarier for her.

    • To me a mental state meltdown is just as bad as dying. Her character gives us hope in an environment where everything else in society has already crumbled apart and to see these small cracks in her personality (possibly leading to a massively sad outcome) is not how I wish her to be at the end. I would rather not even play as Clem for Season 3 (if there is one) than to play as a mentally deranged Clem who is a shadow of her former self.

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        I want to play as Clem for Season Three but I don't want Clem to go all deranged, Telltale, Don't You Fucking Dare!

      • Now believe me I don't want Clem. to be Deranged... HOWEVER..

        Maybe in Season 3 when we play as Clementine we restore our mental state? "You get to come back..." Sort of way?
        It'd be interesting, as it seems what would drive Clementine into insanity is being guilt tripped which I'd know from personal experience only makes you temporarily insane. Maybe she encounters a situation where she can redeem herself and clear her guilt?

    • I really hope you're wrong ... Really ...

  • Also, I noticed something else that might contribute to the idea of Clem's mental instability later on. This one is less likely but I think it deserves a a mention; Luke and Clem are very close in the short time they've known each other, and in one part of EP2 right before you go on the bridge, there are 2 zombies and you have the choice to kill the standing zombie or the one sitting near the rock. I'm not sure about the standing zombie, but if you play it safe and attack the sitting one, Luke will pat your back saying "good job, kid." Clem looks away fast and smirks, grabs her arm in a shy manner and say "ow." Then they proceed to have a very awkward 5 second stare, smiling at each other before walking on to the bridge. Now, I'm a big fan of Luke, but I'm getting weird feelings from him. He's extremely nice to Clem, and we've seen that he gives Nick a hard time and generally acts tough, for the group's survival. I get the feeling that some slight pedo love is going on here between Luke and Clem, and I feel like that could be a plot twist later on, which is especially a blow to Clem since she looks up to Luke as a type of role-model, a sort of alternate Lee in a way. If he does something to hurt her than that will break her even more. Just food for thought, you can find the video on YT of the area I'm talking about, but I think we all remember.

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      I get the feeling that some slight pedo love is going on here between Luke and Clem

      NO! That's a terrible idea...

      • By that quote I meant that Luke has feelings for Clem in a creepy pedo way. While Clem looks up to him as a role-model and slight Lee-ish figure. Him trying to make a move on Clem that ends up bad, for him or for her, who knows, and her being scarred by it. That's what I meant by what I said, hope that helps clear things up a bit.

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          That helped clear things up, thanks, I don't think Luke is a pedo, I think he looks at Clem more like a sister then a "shudders" potential girlfriend

        • I think it's a little bit more complex than that. Perhaps Luke is more attracted to her mature personality than how she is physically. In that sense he sees her as a younger sister, if she were about 10 years older, say his age, he'd probably make a move.

          • That is true, since she's wiser and smarter than most people in the group. Luke notices that, but the way he acts towards her is more than respect and liking. And Clem doesn't really seem to be bothered by it, maybe Clem has a small crush on him. That is normal for girls her age. But we can't really say for sure if telltale will pull out that card.

        • Base it off the numbers. How many women his own age are there left? Becca's with Alvin. Sarita's with Kenny. He didn't meet Bonnie. And that's it, until we get to Wellington.

          Like Boromir in Lord of the Rings who went off the rails (trying to get the ring off Frodo) and then gave his life to save him. I could see that story arc of fall, remorse, and salvation being tempting for the writers.

          Boromir never actually stole the ring, because as soon as he saw the disgust, fright, and disbelief on Frodo's face, he backed off and Frodo legged it. TT'd probably do something similar IF they went down that route.

    • If Telltale were to do something that dangerous, I'd imagine they'd have to be as tasteful as possible. This is still a video game, after all, and I'm not too sure if video games should "go there" quite yet.

      Maybe Luke wouldn't be an outright paedophile, but he could have "feelings" towards Clem he's doing his best to repress for Clem's sake. When Luke makes a somewhat creepy move on Clem during an otherwise tender moment, Clem would be (understandably) freaked out, sending Luke into a spiral of self-loathing.

      This could happen sometime before you have to make a final life-and-death decision between Kenny and Luke, when both men have already demonstrated their respective strengths and weaknesses.

  • Oh my god, guys, I just tried something that is absolutely HORRIBLE. Play all of the themes at once, so that they start all around the same time. It just shouts the word 'insanity' if you ask me.

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