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Rebecca, Christa, babies, Carver's group and other rambling

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It seems likely that Tavia's group and Carver's group are the same group. Very possible that Carver was the voice on the other end of Tavia's radio (yeah, I know it was a different voice actor).

Carver seems to be running some kind of cult compound. He went to pretty extraordinary lengths to get "his people" back. More understandable considering that Rebecca is carrying his child but even so – a 5 or more day trek is going pretty far to bring back some deserters. Also, if they've got enough to open up full auto on a group of walkers ammo is obviously not in short supply.

I wonder if the Spanish-speaking guy caught by Roman in 400 Days was with Carver's group. It's a pretty similar tactic to the one used when he sent Bonnie to scout out the ski lodge. It also ties in with the conflict that seems to have gone on between Carver and Roman's groups. Roman was dead at the river alongside the people that attacked Clem and Christa. Does that mean Carver now has Christa? I think that's highly likely.

If that's the case how is Christa going to react when she sees Clem arrive in the compound with another pregnant woman? Clem and Rebecca have bonded to some extent now (at least made a truce). Christa evidently lost her baby at some point while she was with Clem. Seeing Rebecca is going to stir all that up. I expect we'll get some back-story on what happened to Christa's baby.

So Carver and Roman's groups fought over Gil's diner resulting in Roman abandoning it. Carver then sent Tavia to scout the place out, see if anyone was still there and bring them into the fold. For all that Tavia comes across as a decent person I guess she believes to some extent in what Carver is doing. At least believes that it's better than the alternatives. Maybe she thinks that if they're at least safe from walkers then working from the inside she can push the community in a better direction.

Bonnie is with Carver. I don't think she likes his methods but she's a recovering addict & looking for something to belong to or believe in and Carver provides that. He provides moral certainty and direction. It's very possible she may ultimately side with Clem, though.

  • When I saw the trailer I thought many of the same things you did - it very well may be Tavia's group. And while I can see the potential for tension between Christa and Rebecca, I'd honestly much rather see Kenny and Wyatt argue about who's beard is better. A kind of, 'beard envy', if you will.

  • I like the idea that Roberto from 400 days may be from Carver's group. And I'm quite sure, that the fight at the river was between Roman's and Carver's group - with people at the left side ( where Nick was ) were Roman's and on the right side (where Pete was) were Carver's. What's I'm not sure of, is that which group Victor (and his fellows) belongs to, as he was some kind in the middle of the stream. I would assume, they were with Roman - as if Carver won the fight, why did they live him? That makes me also think - if they had captured Christa before (probably, thinking, he was of one Carver's people) - she still could with in some camp that will be opposing Carver and his creepy society in coming episodes. Probably, Eddie and characters from 400 days, who didn't go with Tavia, will also be there. (though, in my playthrough, they all went with her...)

    i agree with you, that the possibility of Rebecca and Christa bonding over the preganancy and all the feeling and sear Chista would share - is golden. I hope, TTG won't miss it.

    And Bonnie.... I'm sorry, but I'm so ****ing angry with her right now, that I can't think of any excuses for her allowing Carver to take children hostages and killing Walt. No way I'm allowing this ginger rat (whom, I, actually, liked in 400 days) to side with Clem and others.

  • He definitely knew about the river guys as you can't fool him by saying the cabin guys where dead by the river. He knows about them so probably did it. Im pretty sure he also finished off Pete otherwise he would mention him at the mountain house as one of missing people. The only question I have is - did Nicks mom died at Carvers camp? He only mentioned 7 people at the time you meet him and Nicks mom wasn't one of them.

  • I don't think Carver's group is one in the same as Tavia's. For one you already pointed out the obvious...different voice actors.

    The radio man said to be careful who she brings back to camp for whoever wants to go because they don't want any trouble starting when they have a nice and peaceful community going on. I'm not sure if Carver is actually forcing people to join him but rather harsh on those who decided to cross him which is evident because he was tracking down the Cabin group for quite some time. He has a particular vendetta against Alvin for killing George, Carlos and Luke. Pete, Nick seem neutral in all this and Rebecca is doted on by Carver because he believes the baby she is carrying is his since Alvin apparently has been having trouble producing a child.

    Carver seems the type of person to mostly do things his self and not really send people unless there's a reason for it such as sending Bonnie to scout because he knew they probably were there but didn't want to start anything just yet had he showed up not being prepared beforehand. Question is how trustworthy is the cabin group? Why did they leave Carver in the first place? They keep saying he is a bad man, yet not one of them ever said what was it that was so bad that he did. But we know Alvin killed George and we know it was all Luke's idea to escape from Carver.

    Luke right? Who also tried to save Nick by not telling him the truth about Matthew to Walter. Also he knows Rebecca's child is not Alvin's, so probably to protect Alvin and from perhaps when he killed George to flee from Carver. It was all Luke's idea. Everyone follows Luke. Luke means well but by being dishonest, which Hershel warned Lee about, Carvers right. How can you trust people who don't even trust you? Although the cabin group have opened up to Clem a bit but moreso about their personal lives than the actual situation with Carver.

    Sure Rebecca says the baby isn't Alvin's and she doesn't want to hurt him and asks for Clem's advice. But she doesn't mention it's probably Carver's child. Luke on the other does tell about the situation between Rebecca and Carver in a sense. I think the cabin group are just trying to survive and made some mistakes but that doesn't make them bad, like it doesn't make Lee a bad person because he made a mistake by accidentally killing a man he caught sleeping with his wife. .

    Why did Alvin kill George in cold blood?
    What did Carver do for them to run and hide from him?
    Luke is so influential that he got Nick who didn't even care or want to run a business to partner with him. Maybe Luke had something to do with Alvin killing George? Maybe but it does make you wonder just how far would others listen to him.
    What's wrong with Sarah that she gets so stressed out it causes her to have a panic attack?

    My theory on Bonnie is she went into a relapse at Tavia's group and they kicked her out. Eventually she found Carver and went with him.

    Possibly still with Tavia is Shel and Becca, Wyatt and Eddie (found him I would guess) and a slim chance also Lily and/or Christa. May be different for others since Bonnie always goes no matter what, and I got Shel/Becca and Wyatt to go while Vince and Russel stayed at the camp. Well in my 1st playthrough.

    • i'd write off the different voice actor thing as they'd presumably not signed Michael Madsen yet.

      If it is another group there's a lot of backstory to catch up on in the next couple of episodes to explain what happened to Bonnie and the other 400 Days characters. I think the simpler explanation is that it's the same group. That leaves 3 possibilities:

      1. Carver is not as evil as the cabin group say he is (this looks a lot less likely after episode 2).
      2. Carver usurped Tavia's group after the events of 400 Days.
      3. Tavia was working for Carver and the "community" wasn't as benign as Tavia made it sound.

      You're right about Luke. I definitely think there's more to him than meets the eye. I was surprised that Carver named him as the ringleader of the defectors. He seemed much more a follower in episode 1. I'd have pegged Pete as the leader.

      One of the things I'm enjoying so far this season is that it's much less clear who people are and what their motivations are. I think that's down to the fact that no-one tells a little girl anything.

    • When did Luke say anything about Rebecca and Carver? I don't think I got that in mine.

      • The scene when they are traveling towards the bridge I think. Clem asks why would Carver still be after them when it's been five days. Then Luke asks Clem what is the most important thing in the world that a person would travel miles for? The answer is family.

  • My theory is that it's the same community and sometime between the end of 400 days and the start of season 2 Carver took down Tavias community from the inside.

  • It does all seem to connect so I can see this being true. I definitely believe Christa is alive and will end up meeting Rebecca to shed light on what happened to Christa's baby. I've said that all along. Telltale made another pregnant woman for a reason. Just not sure how Christa will react to that...

    I think you're right about Tavia too. "What's the alternative?" is an avaliable option when your trying to recruit the 400 days gang as Tavia afterall.
    I am disappointed Bonnie became a bandit and whilst I definitely didn't see it coming, I did state when everyone was believing she'd be the weakest link and most likely to relapse, that she would be tougher than everyone expected her to be/outlive everyone else (but the latter remains to be seen.). I liked Bonnie so I'm hoping she'll see sense and come to our side.

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