Storytelling problem [spoilers]

Alright, I wanted some other opinions on this. Something really bothered me on episode 2. When you see the lights with binoculars, you kind of forget that you are being followed by some lunatic with a gun who is out to get your group. You(player) don't know what he is capable of, but you have been running for 5 days straight to get away from him. Why is this not the most pressing concern for both groups? Really, I was just dying to yell at everybody: "hey, remember we had some guys on our trail? They caught up to us and it won't be long till they get here". Maybe I'm used playing Lee and being part of the decision making process (which would fine if the reason you didin't take part on the discussion, if any happened, is because you're a kid - but there is nothing to hint this was the case). It also bothered me that this was not discussed through and was only mentioned in passing. Who couldn't have guessed what would happen? I blame it on the pacing of a lot of action triggering events one after the other: nick's murder is found out, energy problem kicks in, walkers, carver. Too many things happen one after the other that just take you along the ride of the narrative. I guess I would have expected a better resistance from the group (even if the outcome would have been the same). Maybe a more intense shooting where more people died would be a better way to go. Well, I don't write award winning scripts but that is just my opinion on improving storytelling. The story contradicting my own better judgement (like the gun in the bathroom in EP1) makes it seem less "player-controlled", which is the main focus on TT games, or so I thought.


  • I agree, although I kind of got the impression the cabin group didn't want to reveal that they were being followed by Carver.

  • Good point. E2 was so much better than E1 that I didn't even notice. But now that you bring it up, yeah, that is just like the bathroom in E1. A major lapse in judgement which leads to the untimely death of a character. I could forgive it when it happened to Lee in Around Every Corner, considering that he wasn't thinking straight on account of Clem's disappearance. But each time it's happened in S2, there really hasn't been any good reason for it. Just plain ol' bad judgement.

  • You are right, EP2 was really good. It just bothered me a lot that such a huge story event, being taken captive, was paved the way it did.

    Good point. E2 was so much better than E1 that I didn't even notice. But now that you bring it up, yeah, that is just like the bat

  • Carlos, Alvin and Rebecca were seen arguing about the lights and eventually more or less decided to stay at the lodge for the night and leave in the morning.

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