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Did kenny finished Luke?

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Expressions says he is angry. I think he did it. What do you think?
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  • He fucking better not have because he has been there since episode 1 and otherwise his whole character will be ruined for me.. I don't think he did though.. he is damaged but not batshit crazy.

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  • also... the title...

  • I hope not, but I won't rule out the possibility. Anything can happen.

  • I also thought so because of what he said " went for a hike" ..
    in the other hand i just hope he was mad that Clem even just mentioned Luke and wanted him to help , or maybe thought she trusts Luke more and thats why he was angry .
    He cant die ;__;

  • I swear if that happens,I'm gonna make sure he suffer the first chance I get on him

  • I don't think so.

  • Killing a major character offscreen? Don't think TTG will do dat

  • This seems to hint that Kenny is responsible for Luke's disappearance somehow. I can't imagine that Luke threw a fit and walked off in the middle of a walker invasion, it doesn't seem like him especially since Luke volunteered to help Kenny out even after their little disagreement earlier.

    I don't think Kenny killed Luke either, but he must have done something to him to make him disappear like that. If I had to guess, they got into another argument and Kenny incapacitated Luke in a blind rage. When he realised what he's done he put him somewhere in a safe spot, and ended up lying to Clementine out of shame.

    • Kenny seems to be jealous of the additional male competition that's suddenly turned up. He's not been exactly friendly since he met them, except for Clem's sake, and at times verged on open hostility towards the younger guys.

      On the other hand, if he has the blessing of foresight, they've cooked up "Luke's done a runner" so at least one person's still free to reappear at the end of episode 3 and break them out of Carver's camp. That's kind of obvious though, and I wouldn't expect Carver, who can analyse a chessboard in 10 seconds and work out how many moves to checkmate, to fall for it.

      There's probably the third option, which goes more along the lines of, "Luke needs more survivors to help tackle Carver," and he's going to be looking for help in the North before returning to rescue them, probably at a very critical moment too.

  • Personally I wouldn't mind if he did. But my guess is that Kenny left him or something and he will return in episode 3 to save the day and be made out like the hero everyone wants him to be (I hate that guy so much!!!).

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      cant say i hate luke, but i def not like him

      • It's not him I hate per se. It's more of his role I dislike. It just feels like he's basically trying to be a substitute Lee. I feel that TT wants him to be Clem's designated guardian, and we already had that with Lee. I just wish the guy would stop trying so hard to get Clem to like him. It's getting annoying.

        • I don't think he's trying to replace Lee. He's just trying to play the brother figure. Lee babied Clem then started to gradually prepare her for the world. Luke right off the bat is giving her experience. He gives her hard tasks, but is there for support just in case something goes wrong. Like when he asks Clem to climb up the tower to scout ahead, but is there to catch her if she falls. I think it's exactly what Clem needs. I think Kenny is trying to substitute Lee. Trying to replace Duck with Clem

          • He's giving her bigger tasks because Clem is bigger. You think if Clem was as young as she was in season 1 he'd be giving her these tasks? No, he'd be acting as Lee was acting. He'd had been a caretaker. By default he was the one who was trying to take care of Clem from the beginning. It's like he's being made out to be this season's Lee, and it shows by him always being the one to support her and his relentless attempts to try to get Clem to like him.

            I'm sorry but I'm not drinking the Luke cool-aid :)

            ( Let me take a moment to brace myself for the the numerous down votes I'm about to receive from the Luke cultist which I have just upset. )

            • That's okay, you're entitled to your own opinion. You don't have to drink the "Luke cool-aid" (whatever that means). I am confused on your logic though. Luke cares for Clementine, supports her, attempts not for her to like him, but to make up for putting her in the shed and you hate him for that? What your saying is, anyone who cares about Clementine or tries to help her, that automatically makes them this season's Lee? So, if Luke dies and Kenny takes care of Clementine. Are you going to hate him? Believe me, if Kenny has his way, Clementine is going to be the new Duck and Kenny will try to be the new Lee to her.

              • No I don't dislike him for caring for Clem. I dislike him because it's prevalent that the story is making him out to be her caretaker. It's obvious, it's a been there done that scenario. He's the "De facto". You don't see anyone else trying as hard as him and it's annoying. Why is he the only one trying so hard to apologize for locking Clem in the shed? I mean they all did it right? At every turn it's beginning to be him and Clem, as it was in season :1 with her and Lee. The game is trying so hard to make the player interested in this guy, because it's trying to do the developing relationship thing again. And I'm not buying it.

                I want Clem to be independent from any adult character, be that Kenny or Luke. I want the story to focus more on her struggles alone. That's all I'm saying.

                • You want Clementine alone? Kind of like in episode 1 where she was miserable? You don't want someone that you can rely on? Just Clementine alone for the rest of 3 episodes? Not that great of a story.

                  • Your still not getting it. I don't want the story to be this big relationship builder between these two characters like we saw in season:1 with her and Lee. It's been done. I would rather the story focus on her as an individual. But it's reverting back to what they did in the previous season.Only this time placing Luke in the place of Lee. I don't want their relationship becoming the main point to the story as in season:1 case with her and Lee.

                    And as of now that's what's going on, this relationship with Luke becoming the center point. I don't want another story about two character connecting with each other. I want the story to be centered around Clem's survival and her growth as a character individually.

                    • Luke is not the center point. Carver is. Luke is just one of the characters you have the option to get attached to. I have a feeling Clementine and Kenny are going to spend some time together. Probably by the end of episode 3 you're going hate Kenny even more lol.

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