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    man u are very ignorant. he lost all his familly man, nick and ben only caused deaths

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      Kennysucks BANNED

      Ben lost his whole family and nobody cut him any slack. Nick had to shoot his own mother and he has a terrible father and he even recently lost his Uncle who was extremely important to him and everyone just yells at him for protecting his friends

      • I agree, Nick is a good guy who just tries his best

        But Ben is totally different.

        While Nick at least has the guts to apoligize (without being forced to) to Clem and Walter, Ben would have waited until it was too late.

        Also, Nick is way braver than that 'fucking shitbird Ben' (I love this quote), he distracts seven or eight walkers so Clem can get away and survives.

        Ben is just an all around coward and a lying little bitch, and I hated him so much when he finally admitted he gave the bandits supplies.

        Ben fucked everything up for everyone.

        • Also the fact that, after everything he had done, he dared give Lee attitude when being scolded for not watching after an 8 year old girl.

          Utterly useless.
    • So what?

      I've never liked him that much too.. He can be a total dick sometimes. You have to side him like 97% of the time otherwise you're fucked.
      But whatever, I don't care.

      And I don't care about the downvotes too, just so you know. ^^

  • Probably because he's the closest example of the ideal survivor archetype in a zombie apocalypse that most players wants to be, and thus why they want to identify with him.

  • Well, I think you should explain first why Kenny doesn't sit right with you. I mean, surely it's much more than making that little assumption about Nick and Luke, and calling Lee urban,right?

  • You're the oddball here, if anything, you should explain to us why you hate him so much.

    Kenny's an all around nice guy, to me. Of course, he has his flaws, but so does everyone.

  • It's hard to say exactly. I'm inclined to think it's just a perfect alignment of the planets; between the way he was written, and Gavin Hammon's amazingly versatile performance behind the mike, he became the one character most identified with Telltale's WALKING DEAD universe, second only to Lee and Clem.

    More so than anything George Romero or Robert Kirkman ever conceived in their stories, we can actually buy Kenny as an "everyman" trapped in a fantastic and nightmarish scenario. Kenny's controversial relationship with the fanbase (depending on how you play the game, he's either the most likeable or the most hateful guy you've ever met) also helped to cement his lasting status in the franchise.

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    Kennysucks BANNED

    I dislike him because he thinks everything he does is right, he shows this when he kills Lilly's Dad when nobody else agreed. He also says that FOR SURE clem will stay with him even if she doesn't want to showing that he only cares about himself. he also makes fun of Nick and Luke for NO reason and totally disregards your advice and shoots one of Carvers men anyways. hes a total Douchebag

    • Just saying, he probably saved the life of Lee, Clem and Lily by killing Larry. Let's say there was a 50 % chance of Larry surviving the heart attack. Would you have risked the life of 3 people (including a child) to save one man, who was already old and sick on top of everything? I would have probably done the same thing as Kenny, if I had the balls to smash a man's head in.

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        Kennysucks BANNED

        If you attempt to save Larry and you button mash hard enough he does revive, he opens his eyes and takes in a deep breath while attempting to sit up however about half a second after he was conscious his whole head was crushed by Kenny

        • I actually know that, but nobody of the people inside the storage room could have predicted that it was gonna happen. he might have as well turned into a Walker. Like I said, it was about a fifty-fifty situation. I do get your point, however. I personally really like Kenny, but I'm not one of those guys who bash on everyone opposing him. Btw, I like your profile pic, Nick's awesome!

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            Kennysucks BANNED

            Well yeah i guess that's true but i mean walkers usually don't just jump up right away and just maul everyone. when they turn they usually open their eyes and start to breathe again (as shown in the TV show in the first season) so in my opinion even if he did become a walker there was plenty of time to kill him and Thank you lol you don't find many people who don't get all butt hurt if you don't like Kenny for any reason at all :P

            • You have a point with that walker thing. I guess he could have waited a bit longer with smashing Larry's head in. Then again, he wasn't gonna take any chances when so many people's lifes depended on it. But still, I guess you've made good points. I stand by my opinion but I also respect yours.

        • yeah....... no. I played that part with the help Lilly option. he never opens his eyes, and none of his breathing appeared to be manual.

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            Kennysucks BANNED

            Like i said its only if you button mash hard enough

          • Then you didn't ''Q'' hard enough, he DOES open his eyes if you button mash as hard as possible.

            • I was playing on IOS, perhaps that affected it somehow.

              Edit: I just replayed and I think he was reanimating. He started to move his mouth, but his eyes never opened.

            • Larry's eyes never open, pretty much the highest number of presses you can get is 5. After five his mouth moves, but Telltale specifically said they put that in because it could go both ways. So saying his mouth opens because he's alive has no real weight. Granted, neither does the opposing side. The choice was so important because you had a risk vs. safety issue.

              Kenny was worried about his family and for his own safety and didn't want to risk everyone's lives to help some guy who hates him and as tried to kill Lee in the past.

      • Fuck you! I WAS STILL ALIVE,u could even see me breath if do it fast enough. ASSHOLE

      • Yeah, But Kenny didn't kill Duck after he was bitten. And let his mom held him in the arms. What if he turned and bit his mom and Clem? That's why I don't like Kenny. When bad things happened to him, he expected people to understand and support him. What about other people's feeling? Nah, my family is the most important.

    • that's because most of the things he does are right! sure some of us disagree with his choices but they are mostly the right choices like saving everyone in the meat locker by killing larry, that was the right choice. leaving that girl on the street to buy time for them to get the stuff they needed, right choice! and leaving ben because he was a danger to the group, yup right choice, see a pattern here? these things most of us wouldn't agree with but they are the choice between life or death in a situation, you gotta think about this stuff before you start getting mad because "everyone thinks he is right" thats cause he is!

      • Not everything that Kenny does is always right though. His decision to steal from the car causes the stranger to come after them later and kidnap Clementine, leading to Lee and Ben's death. His decision to kill Larry indirectly caused Lilly's breakdown and causing her to kill Carley/Doug's out of paranoia.

        • did i say everything? this i why is avoided that word in my post :/

          • This is why being friends with Kenny is a chore. You either agree with him 100% or he gets all bitchy and leaves you to die a couple times.

        • His decision to steal from the car causes the stranger to come after them later and kidnap Clementine

          The strangers choices that led up to that caused him to leave his car unattended and overall he wasn't in a good mental state. Leaving a car full of food like that is trouble waiting to be caused, not Kenny's fault.

          His decision to kill Larry indirectly caused Lilly's breakdown and causing her to kill Carley/Doug's out of paranoia.

          His decision was correct, the risk wasn't worth it and never would have been. Lilly breaking down isn't his fault, it's her fault for not being able to keep her emotions under control.

      • Letting the girl be killed was wrong. Dropping Ben also, could just kick him out

    • Sorry i'm late to the party, i found and looked through this thread just now (days later, again sorry) but i just have to take a stand against you here, because what you're saying is on some areas plain wrong. Kenny does not think everything he does is right, more like the opposite. He does want the group to agree with him so he can't take the blame for anything. But for example when you try to talk to him on the train he almost starts crying because he felt like shit believing he could've done more for Shawn and that Kenny himself was the only cause of Shawn's death. In the meatlocker he feels guilty for being a murder, yet a protective one. The reason why he's so depressed and broken is not only because he lost his family (speaking from season 1) but because he feels guilty. He thinks it's his fault for everything that had happened and that he could've done things differently, just like with Shawn. However when he hears Ben's confession he realizes that it wasn't just him, there was a more valid cause in the midst while he was feeling all the guilt and therefor aims all his inner rage against Ben.

      On your other points, he was more likely just joking around when he said that they were a match, as you noticed in his "broken man trying to look healthy sudden hysterical laughters". And ofcourse you'd assume that someone who he has known for such a long time would rather stay with him than to follow a group she's known for less than a week up the mountains. He sees Clementine as family and hopes she does the same.

      The final situation is a matter of quick thinking and making choice. Sure you can take the advice from your friend, but you can also disregard it and try to save all your other friends inside. I'd say it was a choice that could go both ways, even he'd hit the second shot on Carver it'd be much better than just surrendering, don't you think?

      And to add, yes i'm very fond of Kenny, but i can't make the choice of choosing a side between him or the new group. He's broken but has always been my bro, but the new group is more reliable and both Nick and Luke are 2 amazing characters that i can't just leave behind for a broken man.

  • i liked kenny when i first met him in season 1, he seemed like a good guy and always had his back in situations, i thought it was funny in episode 3 at begining when lee and kenny are talking killing lillys dad and they both kind smile and say "we did kill her dad" they both kind of had a smile on there face XD

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    You can't hate the Stache!

    Alt text

  • Me and Ken sure had our differences, but when his son... Well, I made sure he did the right thing, and he thanked me for that.

    To be honest, I only like Kenny in season 2 because he has an amazing beard and it feels good to have a familiar character to rely on if the cabin group turns out to not be as trustworthy as I hoped in the first episodes.

  • "Kenny sucks" is a bit much (not so much the points as the SN). Actually a lot much. I think he's a good character and shows a lot of development, and turmoil and certainly adds a good deal of suspense. I can see why people might get annoyed in Season 1 (sort of the 'you agree with me or I won't like you' mentality) but season 2, even if you don't like him he still adds psychological complexity, and he is a wild card (a lot less predictable than season 1) so it'll be interesting to see where he goes.

    That said, I also don't understand Kenny fanboys/girls... My favorite character was (surprise) Carley, and for the people who say 'oh, Kenny lost his family, of course he's in emotional pain and a shattered state' - what about Lily? Her character was sympathetic (up unto we all know what...)

    Of course, this is the middle of the ground approach that comes back on me as much in the forums as in the game...

    • Lilly was not at all sympathetic("We can't help every struggling survivor we come across!"), but besides that, I agree with you.

      • Saying Lilly was not at all sympathetic seems a bit unfair to me... I mean, she's a crazy bitch, sure, but it's not like that's all she was. She had plenty of sympathetic scenes like when she saves the group from the bandits, can save Lee twice from the St. Johns, cares for Clem more than almost anyone else in the group, can reassure Lee that killing the senator doesn't make him a bad man...

        Of course, killing Doug/Carley pretty much overrules those redeeming points, but I still don't think it's fair to say she was not AT ALL sympathetic, just like how saying Kenny sucks is a bit much.

        • No, I'm not even talking about Crazy Lilly. Non-Crazy Lilly was horribly unsympathetic. She wanted the kick the group out of the drug store at first, yelled at Kenny, Mark, and Lee for saving Ben and Mr.Parker/Travis... She is a clear pragmatist who looks out for her Dad and herself.

          Also, she didn't care for Clementine more than anyone else in the group. Carley seemed to care for Clementine quite a bit, and Ben was Clem's friend. Really, she didn't interact with Clem at all on screen besides giving her hair thingies, although that was technically also off screen.

          Saving the group from bandits isn't sympathetic either, it's self-defense.

          You are right, she can try to be nicer, but I just generally found her to be an unpleasant person.

          • I don't know, I was replaying season 1 before episode 2 came out; I still felt myself siding with Lilly most of the time - basically, as she says, she's the one making the tough decisions nobody else wants to and she takes all the hate for it.

            • It's much harder to make a moral decision in the world of The Walking Dead than it is to make a pragmatic decision.

              • Yes and no, you don't see people lining up to take her job, and she has to take a lot of the hate for things like rationing.

                Though I wouldn't play up her pragmatism too much, I give you the part about getting mad for letting Ben and the others in, but I think leaving or not leaving the motel is a completely amoral decision. I'd have to watch the scene again, but she was mostly mad about opening the gate and firing the gun at the drugstore (and then the initial fight when they thought Duck was bit). Maybe 'sympathetic' might not the right word, but she does take a lot of flak for doing things other people wouldn't want to do themselves.

                Of course, Lilly might be nicer because I (the character) am on her side, and more sympathetic to me because I (the person) tend to agree with her, or at least appreciate her rationale.

                The moral choice can get people killed - like Shel's bit in 400 Days. If you let the guy go instead of killing him, Boyd ends up dead. Although I think most of the time the moral choice is not scripted to be a problem. For instance, letting Ben in doesn't result in anybody starving. Not killing him in episode 4 also doesn't lead to another fatal screw up. In episode 2 I killed the first St. John brother because I didn't want him to still be behind me when I was going to house, but no matter what choice I make he won't (granted the bear trap may have something to do with it...).

                • Actually, Kenny wanted it so that everyone could make decisions, which I agree with. single leaders are good when they don't lean one way or the other too much. I don't think Lilly was a good leader, because even though she was making smart decisions, when it came to group issues, she wanted the more pragmatic choice, and you can't speak for everyone like that. If there's going to be one leader, then they should make the decisions, yes, but they can't speak for everyone on a group matter.

                  Also, at the drugstore, she was mad about the gate being opened. She was mad that Glenn and Carley opened it to help Lee, Clem, Kenny and his family. She would have rather left Lee and the rest out there to be eaten.

                  And true, the moral choice can get people killed. That's why it's harder. Lilly thinks she's making the "tough decisions" by leaving people to die, that's not right, helping people and putting your own group at risk is a much more difficult choice to make. I will give her that people had to right to hate on her about the way she handled the food... Unless of course the "lottery" that Mark mentioned included the children. The good decision would be to give the kids food, and then put the adults in the "lottery".

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