Something Has Changed.

It's..... Kenny. He's different. the bad jokes. the forced laughter. the new girlfriend. I think he's repressing his memories of season 1. trying to pretend those didn't happen. but I think that during In Harm's Way something will happen (probably the death of Sarita) and he will have to deal with those memories. thoughts?


  • apparently my theory is so perfect that no one has anything to add to it.

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  • I half agree. Sarita/Katjaa can be read two ways - 1) he's replacing Katjaa, 2) he's moving on and forming a new life.

    However, calling Clem Duck is beyond the pail (pale? shit I'm forgetting English...) Actually, it makes his character more interesting, how will he be in the future- unlike season 1 he's a lot less predictable... (though that might be because I'm playing it episode by episode rather than all at once over a week like season 1)

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  • We should get a DLC about the end of the season. I'd name it: **After Savannah **, a two hour episode or so just to tell us how Kenny survived, what he went through who he might and why he's become slightly more unstable. I'd be really grateful if they made it, I wouldn't want it to affect Season 2- I'd just want it to tell Kenny's story.

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    Yeppers.And Clem's return has stirred those tragic memories in his mind,the ones which he tried to push back,to drown in the love of Sarita.He doesn't let her do anything,he wants to do the job,so he wouldn't lose her...Sarita,i think,is his precious remedy...When Clem returned,he wouldn't let Sarita carry that box,even if it wasn't that heavy,because Kenny wants to keep her from making any type of effort,or go outside or anything,really,because he needed her more than ever,because Clem was part of those memories he was trying to drown...Clem is one of the few kids left in the zombie apocalypse,and Duck was the most important kid to Kenny,thus leading Kenny to think of his deceased son while looking at Clem.The forced joke,i think that was just him trying to lighten the mood,seeing how everyone was so down.That wasn't like him.He wasn't lightening the mood for them,but for himself.Trying to appear happy and hide the war inside him,between the part of him that wishes desperately to forget,and the part that remembers...He was trying to ease his own pain.

    So yeah.That's my theory,at least.It might be overdone,but so far,that's what i think is happening.

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