Your opinion about characters from Ep 1, and how it changed during Ep 2

Title pretty much says it all, we have the characters from ep 1(the cabin group) we are going to say how we feel about them now. While also adding the new ones from ep 2. And also what role do you think they are going to play in ep 3.

1). Carlos": I think it's safe to say a lot of people(myself included) didn't have the greatest first impression about him, considering the whole bite thing. But after playing ep 2, I've got to say I have mad respect for the guy now. He showed he does care, not only about Sarah, but for the whole group. Sure, you might argue that being so overprotective of Sarah may cloud his judgement in certain situations, he showed he can handle himself mostly.

2). Rebecca/Alvin: Again, most of us had the same opinion about Rebecca during ep 1. But in ep 2 I think it's safe to say she make up for her outbursts during ep 1. What role do you think her and Alvin will play from now on? Assuming of course that Alvin does live through ep 3 in your play.

3).Nick: Can't say I hated the guy during ep 1, I was pretty much neutral about him. Still, he started to grow on me during ep 2 despite people saying he's a Ben 2.0. He's also one of the people who bonds with Clem the most during ep 2.

4).Luke: Oh, boy. Here's a tough one. Again, had no opinion of him. At first I thought he was going to be a replacement for Lee or Clem's new guardian so to speak... Glad to see that's not the case and they are watching each other's back, rather than one protecting the other. That being said, I like the guy.

5). Kenny: Definitely the man who people wanted most to make a come back in S2. It's not much to say about him. The only real concern I had was the fact that I wanted a little more detailed explanation as to how he escaped. Oh, well, It's not like there isn't time to get one. He does seem a bit different from what I can gather... What are your thoughts? Does he seem different to you? What is Kenny's role in the future episodes?

6). Walter: I'm sure a lot of players would've liked a way to stop him from getting killed. I liked him, he grew on me very fast. Of course, I was expecting he was gonna get killed, somehow like the game punished him for his optimism. Still, he did have a role to play in Nick's survival. So I guess he wasn't irrelevant as a character.

7). Carver: One thing i'm sure of, is the fact that a lot of people hate this guy's guts. Me personally, I like him! I was a bit skeptical about TT introducing a guy like him into play but as it turns out, he's gonna be a great antagonist and I hope, an interesting and unique character.

I know I missed some people, you're more than welcome to add them yourself while also posting your thoughts and even theories about what role those characters will play in ep 3.


  • I was impressed Carlos is a nice shooter. Probably the best in group since Pete is gone. Rebecca was a little nicer. I think it was a little caused by this what Clem told her (be nicer to me or sth like that). Kenny is strange, right, but I like him more than s1 Ken.

  • I for one was pretty scared when that walker grabbed him from behind, I thought he was gonna get bit! From what I saw, Rebecca does apologize to Clem whether or not she told her about the baby. So I guess that's a plus.

    GF1115 posted: »

    I was impressed Carlos is a nice shooter. Probably the best in group since Pete is gone. Rebecca was a little nicer. I think it wa

  • Like I said in my thread, I've come to really like Carlos, he has shown that he's a capable and good-hearted man. I felt respect for Alvin when he was willing to surrender in order to save Carlos from getting killed, knowing full well that Carver hated him and was probably gonna kill him instead. That man has balls. Sarah and Rebecca have grown on me, both have been fleshed out more. I like the sister-brother relationship Luke and Clem have been displaying. Still sat with Kenny though, he's still of my favourites. Walter has easily become one of my favourite characters in the whole series, I was really moved and sad when he got executed. And Nick...boy, I love that guy. He might have messed up things, but it's as I told Walter - he's a good man.

  • I totally agree! It's nice to see how many people changed their opinions about the cabin group, considering the fact that in the 1st episode we weren't attached to them at all.

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    Like I said in my thread, I've come to really like Carlos, he has shown that he's a capable and good-hearted man. I felt respect f

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    My favorite characters from episode 2 are Carlos, Nick, and Sarah. I have the utmost respect for Carlos after he was willing to take a beating and possibly die instead of giving up Rebecca and Alvin. I feel for Nick. He's seen his mom and uncle die. And the fact that he was the one who put his mom down just reminds me of Clem killing Lee.

    As annoying as I thought Sarah was in ep. 1 with the

    "Want to be best friends?"




    "Pinky swear."
    I found her childishness refreshing as a player. And the terror she must've felt seeing Carver torture her father would traumatize any child.

    Luke irked me a little when he wanted to lie about what happened to Matthew so he lost a few points this episode for me.

    Carver seems like a great antagonist. As soon as he walked in the house I was nervous and tense. He just kept asking questions and I never want Clementine to lie to anyone so that made it a tad harder cause I also didn't want to tell him the truth. Also I noticed that Carver didn't hurt anyone unless they pissed him off. When he asks Carlos where Rebecca is Carlos spits in his face so he punches him. When Rebecca and Alvin don't come out of hiding he breaks Carlos's fingers. When Kenny kills one of his guys he kills Walter.

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