• I think I've seen more people who liked Nick than the other way around (I might be mistaken, though). I for myself really like him, I feel like he's by far the most fleshed-out character so far, in terms of backstory and character development. Happy I kept him alive and looking forward to see more of him in episode 3.

    • I do agree with you completely there. I was just confused looking through some of the comments in particular videos, the majority of people were cursing Nick (because of the whole Matthew thing). But, he was trying to protect Luke and Clem as he thought they were in danger. Oh well, I guess more people like him than I thought, which is good. c:

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    For me its the other way around, After this Episode I Love him you can't help but feel bad for the kid ( Reminds me of Ben but I like Nick a bit more)

  • I also Like Nick a lot actually , he has good intentions he really cares and he trustworthy . Everyone makes mistakes , and he is just human that lost his fatherly figure and despite it he tries to please and protect the group that does not give him a shot , (like before the bridge thing .. his sad face Awww..)

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    Kennysucks BANNED

    Hes my best character in the whole series of all walking dead (in the games, comics, and show well in my opinion :P) hes fleshed out a lot and i somewhat relate to him. the smile on his face when he finds out I found his watch is priceless :)

    • Yeah i so regretted i didn't steal the watch cuz that would make him feel better , and i thought it was the right thing to do, guess not :X

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        Kennysucks BANNED

        I will admit that when i first I found it I had the intent to steal it and i completely forgot i had it until I saw the option to give it to him and I was super happy when he was so happy he couldn't even find the words to thank me.

    • Yeah, I gotta say he is one of the most fleshed out characters there is in twd c: and that's why I started this discussion, to see whether other people thought the same about him. And luckily for me I've gotten quite a few nice replies with people being polite and giving good reasons for their opinions.

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        Kennysucks BANNED

        I hate how a lot of other people think he deserves a hard time for trying to save his friends, I mean everyones like "oh im defending Kenny when he attacks Nick because Kenny lost two family members a long time ago" however nobody notices that Nick had to shoot his own mother, had a terrible father and watched his uncle die 5 days earlier...

    • Not stealing the watch was the only thing I considered justified redoing my playthrough. I ALWAYS sided with Nick and made him like me and I really wanted to see his reaction to me giving it to him.

  • I like Nick now. I was okay with him after the first episode (hearing his backstory), but now I really like him. Preferably, without a rifle, but he is a good guy.

    Besides, Pete's dying wish was for Clementine to look after Nick. I feel I owe him that much.

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      Kennysucks BANNED

      I didn't go after Pete to save him because I liked Nick better and im glad to know that that is what pete wanted. I still am glad i chose to go with Nick though because if you go with him you hear more of his back story

  • I really hope he'll make it till the end of the season

  • Well, judging by all the comments I've got so far, many people like Nick :D

    And if they don't Alt text

  • Nick is kinda my fave character from season 2,besides Clem and Kenny.Nick and Luke...They're both my faves,but Nick is just so adorable...Really,i just want to hug him and tell him he's not alone,i made rants about him on every thread that mentioned his name,i really DO love him.

    You know how almost everyone is all up and getting their panties in a bunch 'bout Luke?

    Well,i have a crush on Nick.

    I do.

    I love him a lot,i think he's sweet and i hope he doesn't die.He's just trying to be helpful,prove himself useful,But Luke and everyone else hiding shit from him isn't helping.He has a temper,they know he's impulsive and has outbursts,and still they do nothing to improve his situation.I'm not hating on the others,and not implying that Nick is without flaws,but i'm just saying,maybe i'm wrong...

    I'm just saying that Nick is not a bad guy.He's not like the others.I told Walter that and so my Nick lives,and i'm very happy about it.

    So yeah.

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    Kennysucks BANNED

    When me and nick went to apologize and I saw Walter holding his knife and looking at Nick I was prepared to snatch the knife from his hands and stab a bitch if he even came slightly close to Nick

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    ImSnowWhite BANNED

    Why would anybody Hate Nick ? :)

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