• You're right. It's probably the worst position but also the most interesting. There is a crazy leader of crazy (maybe?) community and I hope Telltale will make it even more interesting (and probably longer) than episode 2.

    • Christa, Eddie and 400 Days group are imprisoned in the camp.

    • Vince is possibly one of Carver's thugs, Becca is probably on Carver's side.

    • Alvin, Nick, Rebecca die in this episode. Possibly Carlos.

    • Bonnie betrays Carver and secretly helps Clementine.

    • Luke comes back one or two new people he met on the outside to break our group out.

    • The episode could take place with us gradually helping people escape one at a time.

    • The huge battle might take place in this episode, Amid The Ruins may be the aftermath.

    • Kenny gets beaten up by Carver, but survives the episode.

    • Lilly might be one of Carver's thugs, and Christa is a prisoner - they wouldn't recognise each other.

    • Good idead ;)

      The things I would change is that, neither Nick or ALvin die, I mena, if they lived episode 2 and TT says there will be more branching I hoping they live for a while.

      I don't think Lilly will appear in season 2 too, and VInce adn Russel stayed back in my gameplay so I'm guessing they are either dead or prisioners or Carver.

      From the 400 days charatchers in my gameplay I think Bonnie will betray Carver as you say, Shel and Becca will be on Carver's side, Russel and Vince are either dead or prisioners and it would be fun if Wyatt would be a guard for Carver that helps us out because Eddie is a prisioner too ;) (If you leave Wyatt behind him adn Eddie would both be prisioners).

  • I am a huge Kenny fan but i think telltale has bigger plans for him. I could honestly see them make him live long enough for them to make him into a villain that has lost his sanity like Shane in Ricks group. That is just my thoughts.

    • If Clem has to kill Kenny cuz he lost it; that would break everyone's emotions, especially Clem's.

    • I love Kenny too.. and i think that TT wouldnt kill Kenny so soon after re-introducing him to everyone. Most of the talk and anticipation about the second season was deciding what would happen to Clem.

      Many people decided that Kenny was most likely alive- mostly because they didnt see him actually dying in the episode.

      (It seems like Kenny is almost as loved as Daryl from the TV show) I was personally happy for Clem to have a familiar face and If i was writing for Tell tale, I would keep Kenny around so that I knew that Clem would be safe. They wont kill Kenny off until at least the last episode.

  • I'm putting my money on a jailbreak occurring with the help of Luke and other people from the outside.

  • Personally, I don't think we'll see Luke until episode 4, I think there's another group being led by Eddie and some 400 days characters who stayed behind, who also have a grudge against Carver. I think Luke found them, tried to convince them to help, but ended up making them think he was leading them into a trap and got taken prisoner. I think Bonnie/other 400 survivor will escape from Carver with Clem and lead her to this group, and convince them to free Luke and attack Carver and free the others.

  • "A storm is on the way." Judging by the masses of walkers approaching Carver's base in the preview, we'll probably see an epic fight between the inhabitants of the camp and the "Walker-Army." That's my guess, at least.

  • This story is just missing one thing and "his name was 'Nate', He told me I was a 'strong 6' "

  • Major things i think will happen this episode, is;

    Rebecca will have her baby (possibly die while having birth) she might want clem to look after it but carver will take it.
    Luke will either be secretly working with carver, although he seems to nice to do that, or will try and break the group out. in the process nick and alvin depending if their alive on your game will die protecting clem on the way out.

    end of the episode the remaining group will head north, with carvers henchmen trying to track them.

    perhaps the group won't even escape, and that will be for episode 4

  • I feel that Clementine is going to be treated as a slave, look at the preview and piece it together. It's not a regular camp.

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