Hidden little things in The Walking Dead Game (SPOILERS FOR S1&S2 of game!)

Here is a few little things me and my cousin have noticed about the game (Note, my cousin has asperger syndrome, and he is totally 100% obsessed with this game, so most of these he found, browsing the wiki, and watching 30+ full playthroughs) Enjoy!

  1. Clementine has a theme, it is quiet, and plays when Lee and her have personal moments. (IE. Talking)

  2. The song that plays at the end of episode 5, during Lee's death scene, is a remake of the Clementine theme, basically made to depress the hell out of anyone who notices it.

  3. This version of the Clementine theme, can also be heard upon starting up The Walking Dead Game Season 2.

4.The old Clementine theme, is not heard at all for the first episode of season 2, but is heard in episode 2, during the reunion with Kenny (skip to 3:00)

  1. Clementine is three years older, then when you first met here (11)
  2. The game starts with Lee in handcuffs, and it can end that way if you had him ask Clem to cuff him in the end.
  3. In the last episode of season 1, repeatedly triggering the same dialogue with Kenny, will make Lee say this
  4. Nobody likes Ben.


  • All of the links were broken for a good fifteen seconds, I fixed them.

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    The handcuffs one is deep :'(

    And Randy Tudor easter egg is so funny :D

    'Powerful stache'

    And 4. is obvious because Ben was just a little bitch that was always afraid and always fucking up everything that could possibly go wrong.

    'I found this axe in the doorstop that kept twenty walkers out of here! I'm a genius! And now is also the best time to tell Kenny I killed his entire family!'

  • I know what theme you're talking about and I haven't watched your videos yet. That theme always makes me sad. I totally noticed it too, when Kenny and Clementine hugged. It was really nice to hear again and it definitely made me teary-eyed. I just hope that Kenny will stick around for awhile.

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