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Why is there no Wii U version?

posted by BourbonTeacup on - Viewed by 1.5K users

I'm not a Wii U owner, but a fair few people are, and I as well as probably quite a few Wii U owners are wondering why Telltale has done nothing for the system, Walking Dead is on so many systems now, Xbox, PS3 and the PC make sense, they are big sellers, maybe even the Ipod. But the Ouya? Vita? Are these really flying off the markets quick enough that you can justify a version on those systems over this console?

If I'm phrasing this like it's required and I'm demanding, I apologise, I'm just curious and asking on behalf of my friend and my own general curiosity. If any of you guys have an idea as to why the Wii U never got a version please share

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