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Why Clementine Shouldn't Die

posted by Gorthaur on - Viewed by 544 users

Because it would be incredibly repetitive. Sure, it'd be sad, but nothing Telltale could do would top Season 1, Episode 5's ending, Clem having to kill or abandon the only real guardian and closest friend she had in the apocalypse.

What would they do? Have Sarah shoot Clementine before she turns? Have Luke have to put her out of her misery? Have a walker come out of nowhere and devour her at the last second?

I'm not saying the ending can't be sad, but Clementine dying isn't the answer. There's just nothing Telltale could or would do that wouldn't feel like a replica of S1E5's ending or would be effective.

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    CathalOHara Moderator

    100% agreed. I was afraid after playing Season Two episode 1 that the episode had too many similarities to the first episode of Season One. It's fine if it's just similar in the symbolic sense, but not emulate the entire Season. Glad to see it won't be though after playing Episode Two. Clementine dying would be a horrendous thing to do, we put too much effort into protecting her in Season One and then defending her from her perspective in Season Two. Lee's death was great because he redeemed himself as a man thanks to protecting her. But Clem's death would be meaningless and annoying.

  • she wont cause that would be repeatitive, we have Kenny as tribute now

  • Maybe the ending doesn't even have to be so sad. Maybe it could be a bit emotional but doesn't have to be tears-down-the-face sad like the first one. I have this vision of how it could end with a sort of positive and hopeful end. I would love to see something like this: Clem is surrounded in a small house, alone, surrounded from all sides and has no hope of living. She takes her gun that Lee gave to her, raises it, let's a tear down her cheek and just as she's about to pull the trigger she sees Lee standing by her (obviously hallucinating, he isn't actually alive, something like George Clooney in Gravity). He looks at her and seas "Hey kiddo. I missed you.", and then gives her some motivational and emotional speech and tells her that she has to survive for him. Then Clem gets up, takes her gun gets out and starts shooting and killing them just like Lee in ep. 5. She barely gets out and after days of walking she founds this community and starts living there. That would make a great ending in my opinion and emotional when we see Lee again.

    • Nice idea, It'd be so sad to see a 'ghostly' image of Lee. Even if it was just her falling unconscious and then you can here Lee saying one of his lines like, "I'll miss you" or, "We learned not to be afraid". Come to think of it, hearing that line might be as powerful as a whole speech. I'll go look for more motivational Lee lines. :)

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