Clem's Guilt?

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I'm curious how others handled Clem's response when talking to Kenny about Lee. I chose the "I got him killed" response, but I have a feeling I'm probably in the minority on this. My reasoning was that children often blame themselves for things that are out of their control. You see a lot of kids blame themselves, or think that they did something wrong, when parents get divorced. In this case, you can't deny that Clem actually did play a role in getting Lee killed. I certainly wouldn't say it was her fault, but it made sense to me that she might feel that it was. I could see her shouldering a lot of that blame on herself. I also thought that carrying around that kind of guilt could explain some of the darker, more hard-edge actions/responses available for Clementine to do/say in this season.

Plus, I thought it might set up an interesting character arc for her, and I'm all about that.

I'm guessing most people went with the "He died saving me" option, but I was curious just how large of a ratio it is. Or maybe I'm wrong in my assumption and more people felt the same way I did.


  • I also chose the option in which Clem felt guilty about Lee. But then again, it might be because I am guilty myself, so I want the characters I am playing to be guilty as well.

    Lol, just kidding. I really thought it would be something Clem could be going through in her situation.

  • I'm did Kenny respond after you told him that Clem feels guilty?

  • Somehow I don't remember exactly lol. I was still thinking over Clementine's feelings on this so much that Kenny's response was just kind of white noise. It's funny, Kenny's words didn't do anything to change my feelings on the matter ... which seems to be Clem's reaction to it as well. One of those times where your reaction mirrors that of the character's. It was along the lines of what you'd expect Kenny to say. "It wasn't your fault ... we all make mistakes ... Lee is the one who decided to go."

    I tried looking up a playthrough on YouTube so I could answer your inquiry better, but of the 5 I found, all of them picked "Lee saved me."

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    Yes same here...i watched the playthoughs to find his reactions, but i gues saying " He saved me " is the common decision.

    I'm also interested if there are other outcomes for Kenny about how he remembers far i only heard 2options " We had our differences, but he was there for me when Duck died. " or " He was a hell of a guy and he was there for me when Duck died. "

  • he has a shocked reaction and then says "clem, don't say that." followed by the usual "lee is a good guy" or "we had our differences."

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    Ok so there are only 2 options i gues...because Kenny gave me the bro speech in my playthough but still only said. " He was a hell of a guy. "

  • I choose "he saved me' at first, during my first playthrough, But on my second play through, it actually made more sense since in the save file I used she did shoot Lee, and maybe it is just me but she seems to have a guilty looking on her face when ever Lee is mentioned.

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    yea there can only be two. if you were cool with him in season one you get what u got and the other is if you didnt agree with him on several things in season 1. and lol at the dislike(s).

  • Yeah, that was it. Remembered it was something short and then Kenny talked about Lee being there for him. Thanks.

  • Okay thanks, i am also wondering what happens if you decided to let Duck turn into a Walker in Season1...yes you can really do that:D

  • I chose the "I got him killed" option as well. My thinking is that having to kill Lee and feeling guilty about running off will scar Clem for her entire life. I personally don't think all the fault should be on her shoulders, but I play it as if she thinks she does. I hope to see some huge dividends paid off at some point in the future by constantly playing up the PTSD and feelings of guilt Clem has, I hope for a truly cathartic moment with Clem being able to put down her burden and move on.

  • This also seems to have a sort of guilt trip moment if Clem picks I ran away. He died trying to get me back if you watch this from 8:59-9:27.

  • I picked "I killed him," in that dialogue. At first, I thought this might have been an oversight on Telltale's part, because I'm one of those who chose not to shoot Lee. I was slightly confused that I could have this dialogue option because of this so I hit it to see if she talked about shooting Lee. But she doesn't, she just bluntly states, "I killed him." That's when it hit me that she's not talking about when she shot Lee ... she's talking about the fact that she got him killed (or at least feels responsible for his death).


    (?) Luke will remember that

    SHE MEANT LEE, OK, BUT SHE MEANT OMID TOO. Don't you remember the little 'incident' in the bathroom pitstop? Christa's blaming her for his death. She doesn't say it but her look - when she looks at the gun and realizes it's Clementine's and she looks at her with pain - she blames her for Omid's death. That caused the baby loss too. She was really devastated and that would cause something, if you put it on the "scientific side".

    Clemmy also blames herself for that - she knows it. But just lives with it. What else can she do?

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    I was looking for blame ben option not her fault just a child she should be been watched through whole season got lost a lot because no one watched her then with walkie talkie should of known she was talking to someone it was awful that let clem leave by herself so easily as walk out door and down street so was never at fault actually let her down whole time

  • I chose the "I got him killed" response as well. It just kinda made sense for Kenny's sudden reappearance and mention of Lee to bring back some of Clem's deep-seated guilt about what happened in Savannah.

  • Kenny wouldn't even bring up Duck in that scenario and instead he'll say the same thing but for that walker boy in the attic.

  • Well she did run away which got Lee bit while looking for her, but she was only innocent at the time. Only if Lee cut off his arm sooner...

  • Thank you so much for sharing this video are amazing!

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