Other Video Game IPs Telltale Should Tackle

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With Telltale and Gearbox collaborating on a new Borderlands game, the question has to be asked. In your opinion, what video game IP should Telltale acquire next?

Just to be clear, the answers must be related to actual video games. Any spin-off games from established franchises or tie-ins shouldn't count. (Sorry, that unfortunately means not a Star Wars Old Republic themed suggestion. Although, that could be an idea for a Star Wars game from Telltale.)


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    I'll kick off this discussion with a Grand Theft Auto idea. The GTA games are one of the most successful games out there, but are also the most controversial. Some of the controversy would probably relate to how you play directly as a criminal and shoot at police or go on violent joyrides in a free roam environment. Telltale could probably combat this controversy by featuring a linear choice based story that truly explores the main point of GTA, which is the satirical reflection of the real world alongside greed, corruption, and the true meaning of success.

  • Bioshock :)

  • Super Mario Bros.

  • I think it would be helpful to explain WHY you think Telltale should make these games, just so that I can hear other arguments.

  • I don't understand why Telltale is making games based on OTHER GAMES. I know with the Walking Dead that it's based on the comics and not the HORRIBLE Survival Instinct crap (I expected better from Terminal Reality on that one), and Back to the future is more of a sequel to the films. But what's this Borderlands game? But, I would like the idea of a Ghostbusters game. Maybe Star Trek as well.

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