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Off with her head! My suspect

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I am kind of pulling this out of the hat but I really thought about it.
Why not the queen of hearts (the alice in wonderland universe).
She is known to want to take heads from young girls. It also implicates Tweedle dum and dee.
They are innocent sure, but they are working for SOMEONE and I think its to know how much other people know about the murders.
Also the "stop laughing at me" could have come from the mad hatter.
Probably all of the bad guys wont come from the same story but this is just my theory.

they question of "why" i still cant answer besides possibly getting more power in fable town. while king cole is gone and threatening snows life and eliminating crane (making him flea because of him being a suspect) and luring bigby in to some sort of trap. (See tarot cards ep. 1)

If anyone wants to add to this theory it would be cool to hear what you think about it!

  • Well... I didn't know that there was some characters from wonderland in the vertigo fables series, but sure... knowing her from the fairy tale stories, she might seem like a likely suspect... still, I didn't know she was a part of fabletown?

    • problem with that is the Queen may yell "off with thier heads.." but she's not the one to do the deed, her Guards are

      • Well remember one of the clues Bigby found was a ripped piece of jeans. Maybe the guard that the Queen sent was glamoured to wear jeans and murdered Faith. As for Lily I think someone else would be behind it, someone who really wants to make Crane look bad.

  • Cool theory you got there :D

  • Good theory indeed. My theory still remains the same as in episode 1 though. The Headless Horseman. I always knew/said that the killer is related to Crane. Crane is just an obsessed fuck he would never want to kill Snow. But I never thought about the queen. It's really good theory. Also I wonder who took the pictures and why.

  • My theory still remains that one of Georgies girls stole something for blackmail...thinking it was Faith, she was target by the hired killer...waiting for
    faith in room 207 but unknown by the killer, Faith switches schedules with lily(may explain that paper Bigby foung in the puddin and pie dressing room) and she gets rub out by mistake, which is why TJ heard the voice saying "Stop laughing at me, if the killer was teased for killing the wrong girl, they then take out who hey believe is the right girl, leaving her head as a warning.... killer could be the red headed guy who bumped into Snow and was in line with Grendel.

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