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Nick's A Good Guy

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How many times was this brought up throughout the episode?

Nick did save me by distracting the walkers or Pete told you he was but When i had to answer the question i kind of said it half-hearted some truth behind but still doubt.

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    I don't know why Carlos thinks he "Is becoming a danger to the group" :P

  • He's definitively a good guy. He admitted his guilt, regretted his actions and had the balls to face the consequences head-on. Only a good person can do that.

  • Nick is a good guy, but he's also a fuck up. That doesn't matter much to me since he's willing to own his mistakes and make up for them, the situation with Matthew being a perfect example when it comes time to tell Walter. The characters in the game however, excluding Pete and Luke, probably focus more on his mistakes than how he reacts to them, as he's made some big ones.

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      Deceptio BANNED

      He really is like Ben. Both are warmed-hearted people, but just always fuck up no matter how hard they try to help.

      • Ben was more cowardly than Nick. Unlike Ben, Nick can deal with Walkers, or even the living as shown by the situation with Matthew, while Ben usually either did nothing or ran away in Season 1.

        They both fuck up the same, though.

        • I think theres a big difference between them.
          For example in Ep04 when Ben and Clem were surrounded by walkers and he just ran away like a pss, whereas Nick was ready to sacrifice himself to save her.
          And Nick just "fuck up" once with the Matthew thing but Ben did it numerous times.
          Im not saying Ben is a bad character, i liked him and saved him in my playthrough, im just saying he and Nick really are not the same.

  • Well Ben was a " good guy " aswell and i decided " let him go ". The only reason i saved Nicks life is because i promised my good old friend uncle Pete to watch after him before he sacrificed himself to save my life.

    I will make one of these for Nick when Season2 is over! :D

  • Nick is a good guy, just like Ben was. As others have said, they are both just fuck up's at times. Doesn't mean that they are evil people.

    I liked the part where you give the watch to Nick. I knew that taking the watch had some significance down the line somewhere. It meant a lot to Nick because it was the only thing that reminded him of Pete.

  • Nick was just like everyone else. He was a real fuck up.

  • I agree Nick is a good guy but also a screw up but lets be honest I dont think he's anywhere near Ben's level, Ben is in his own league with amount of fuckery he's been able to accomplish. I mean come on causing the death of (almost) a whole group indirectly, while Nick accidently killed a random guy and almost shot clem, in my book he has long way to go before officially becoming ben 2.0 just saying. :P

  • I now know that Nick is a good guy, but I still was really mad at him after he shot Matthew. So when Walter was questioning me, I said Nick didn't do it, but eventually it got to him. So when he asked what Nick was really like, my mind, still on the bridge incident, said he wasn't the best guy. So he's gone. Just another stone I have to swallow.

    EDIT: Ya know, I think my profile picture should be Nick, to carry out his legacy! AT least for me.

    • I told Walter the truth because he was gonna find out anyway. It also says in the wiki that Walter and Matthew were "Partners" so could that mean they both were gay?

  • Yea, Nick is a good guy. Luke told me to hide the evidence of Nick's actions. He tried even to not let Nick know what he did. When he found out, he was making the right choice by wanting to be honest, and tell the truth of what happened and he did. The weird thing is that when Ben admits what he did, then we're given the choice to threaten him or just talk to him about what happened, and tell him to keep it to himself. With Nick you're given the choice to speak out. So I told Walter the truth, and Nick actually are honest, and take responsibility. While Luke of course wants Nick to get away with murder. I think this situation really shows a bad side of Luke, and a good side of Nick.

  • Nick isn't really a fuck up. Honestly, if we count all the things he has done wrong. He really isn't that bad. He shot a guy that had a gun thinking he was protecting us. It was resolved without any deaths (accept for maybe Nick's own life), or any real consequences to the group. Pete was already doomed for death when he got bit too, so even if Nick would of saved him he was dead meat.
    If Nick is a fuck up, then what about Clementine letting Carver in the Cabin when she was supposed to protect it? Or when Kenny (depending on how you played the game) got Walter,Alvin or even Carlos killed because he wasn't thinking? Or how Luke wasn't there for the group like Kenny was to try and protect it?
    Just because Nick has some qualities like Ben doesn't mean anything. Nick is truly a good guy, like everybody else in this new group.

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