How do you like the Luke and Clem relationship?

I personally like this one. Telltale is doing a good job at making someone extremely bent on protecting Clementine without repeating the Lee and Clem relationship. Season 1 was more of a father/daughter thing and this one with Luke is really starting to feel like a brother/sister thing. I really liked the conversations they had in episode 2. Do you like it too?


  • Nope don't like it. It only seem as a brother/sister relationship due to the fact Clem is older. If Clem was younger the relationship would have went the same route as it did with Lee. Luke is becoming a stand in Lee, and it shows. I would rather the story focus more on Clem as a individual rather than revert back to a relationship building story. We had it once in season:1 don't want to see it again.

  • I really like their's just that i like Kenny alot more. I will always be on his side!

  • I really like the banter between the two of them. Although I have to admit, I have a younger brother, and I can't stand him. Its kinda bittersweet, enjoying a brother relationship with a fictional character more than my own brother.

    Regardless, I love his character, and he is my favorite next to Clem. I just hope he didn't "cut and run".

  • So many cute and funny moments between those two. "Keep your voice down!" "But you were just yelling at me!" "Shut up!" Hope to see more of this.

  • I don't know. The more I think about it...... He's just creepy sometimes.

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    Exactly! He's just too nice, and the whole thing where wanting a little girl to be the ONLY one to come with you across the bridge, just rings 'creeper' in my mind.
    Like, dude back the fuck off and let me play Clementine, I don't need you asking me about her life story every five minutes!

    I don't know. The more I think about it...... He's just creepy sometimes.

  • Really digging the dynamic between them and I agree that it's good that they're not just trying to copy/paste the relationship Clem had with Lee. I like that he relates to her like an adult but is also there for support and back-up if she needs it. I like him as a character in his own right too and look forward to learning more about him. Although I will say that the bits of info we got in this episode seem to be hinting at a darker side to him, but that's not necessarily a bad thing (especially not in terms of creating interesting story), guess we'll have to see.

  • I love how funny and light-hearted their dialogue together is together. Also, Luke doesn't underestimate her, which is refreshing.

  • I really like their relationship. I wanna see a "Hug Luke" option (After he and the 400 days character save her from Carver's trap). That would be very touching -for me-.

  • I feel that their relationship is going down, you can see it in episode 2.

  • I bet the reason Luke is so protective of Clementine and why he relates to her so well is because Luke might have had a little sister who was just like Clementine and she had to bite the dust. I don't think Luke would want that shit happen to him again

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    Is this one of those "Luke and Clem should totally be a couple!" threads?

    Because, I don't see anything special in their relationship. If in Luke's place were, lets say, Pete or Alvin, they too would be protective and caring.

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