An 'In Harm's Way' theory

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I was just looking at the slide for Episode 3, 'In Harm's Way', and I came up with a little theory. Firstly, here's the slide for the episode:
Alt text
Now, firstly, the setting. It shows Clementine and Rebecca in what looks like a very dark, unused area. From the 'next time' trailer for In Harm's Way we could decide that Carver's base/camp looks to be in some kind of large shopping centre. That means they may have more space than they can use, meaning that there would be some hidden parts, surrounded by darkness.

Anyway, my thought is that Rebecca is having the baby, but Carver is looking for her/hunting her for whatever reason, probably to see the baby. Rebecca wants to get away, so her baby can be safe. Because of this they head to the dark areas of the shop while Carver pursues them, but Rebecca can't go on, and must have the baby there. Carver is getting closer by the minute and you must try to either distract Carver from reaching Rebecca while she has the child or stay with her to help her give birth however you can.

So, does anyone have any thoughts/opinions on this idea?


  • Nothing in the slides ever end up happening anyways.

  • Distract Carver and leave a pregnant women that is having birth all on her own? That would be a stupid decision even without considering the fact that when the baby dies it will turn into a " baby Walker ".

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    It will be weird to see a baby on the game, there hasn't been one yet unless you count Ben.

  • Who ever said that the baby would die? Also, distracting Carver might be a better option than finding out what happens when Carver realises that Rebecca tried to abandon him.

  • Noone said the baby is gonna die, but she won't be able to birth the baby on her own.

  • What if Rebecca gonna die during the birth? And you must care of her child? That would be very interesting. (I don't wanna Rebecca's die, but if...?)

  • Imagine if she did, and the baby is taken care of by the group. They then find Christa, alive! And she sees her own baby in Rebecca's baby, takes it and leaves!:D

  • Actually, she can have the baby on her own. Women have done it before and still do (some just for the experience or because they have no choice). And the main things that could kill Rebecca internally would likely be beyond Clem's ability to deal with anyway. The main concern would be finding her a secure spot to keep Walkers/Carver's group out.

  • Harm is coming and you have to move out of the way.

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