Do you think Luke is a traitor?

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A lot of people are saying Luke is a traitor and that's a theory, but I think that Luke didn't want to open fire on Carver because he knew how powerful he was therefore he told Kenny and Kenny told him to go away, and Luke if off somewhere trying to think of what to do. I don't really think Luke is creeping on Clem I think he just thinks she's a good girl with good qualities. If Luke was a traitor wouldn't he have just stayed with Carver in the first place?


  • No way. Luke is good people, and he don't wanna hurt Clem. This is my option!

  • i doubt luke is a traitor i guess when kenny told him to take a hike he left somewhere and while leaving carver killed him

  • No. Or at least, I hope not.

  • I didn't chose the 'Go look for Luke and Kenny" option so not sure how that one played out but when Kenny came in and Luke didn't, I figured Luke knew it was useless trying to standoff with them or feared doing so would get more people killed so he hung back, planning on some other way to rescue them.
    But after the comments about Kenny telling him to take a hike, maybe they got into it and he went off somewhere for a while having no idea what was going to happen.

  • I don't believe Luke is a traitor. I think he's just somewhere around, trying to decide what to do next.

  • I think by 'Take a hike' Kenny actually meant 'I beat the shit out of him and he's lying unconscious outside'.

  • Personally, I don't trust anyone in this new group 100%. I hope you're right about Luke, but nothing would surprise me. Him being a traitor is certainly plausible, in my opinion.

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    False. If that's what Kenny meant by "Take a hike" then Luke would have kicked his ass right after Kenny threw the first punch. Which, judging by his epic fighting skillz on the train, would have taken him a while.

  • I didnt see Luke in my playthrough but I have no reason to believe he's a traitor.

  • I highly doubt Luke is a traitor, he seems the most trustworthy out of the whole cabin group

  • Luke could have been fixing that transformer that they were supposed to be sorting out, and while he wasn't looking Kenny smacked him over the back of the head with his gun. I didn't mean they got into a full on fight, the noises would've attracted Carver and walkers.

  • I Choose This option because they were really the only 2 people i cared about. I know this is messed up but if i found Kenny and Luke i would have left the rest of the group behind.

  • Not saying Luke is a "traitor" but he may well have his own agenda.

    Obviously it came from Carver so it could be lies but there's reason to think that the group are not as good as they seem.
    Like when he says she shouldn't trust the group, and I told you not to follow Luke, and we still don't know how Alvin killed George.

    I expect TTG to shock us a little bit by disgracing the people we trust.

  • Obviously he just left without telling anyone, that or he's lying dead in a ditch somewhere.

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    He is like the new Lee, i think i can trust him. But in the end we will have to choice: Save Kenny or Luke.
    PD: Sorry for the bad English D:

  • Yes and no. But, he more or less has his own agenda- I believe he didn't want to get caught by Carver, Kenny had no reason to outright kill him so I don't think he did. I think Luke will show up in Episode 3 to save the day, he's good friends with Nick and he cares about Clementine, I think he'll come to save the day. Though, who'll make it out of Carver's base? That's for us to see.

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    Highly unlikely, he's putting himself in danger constantly so he must care about the people he's putting himself in danger for. He was the one that took alvin out to search for Clem,Nick and Pete. And he was the one who decided to go through the bridge himself first(even if going through the bridge with the whole group would've been safer for him)

    Here Luke's probably playing it smart rather than cowardly. Actually I think I'd be a bit upset if he went straight at carver guns blazing.

  • I'm more curious about what happened between Kenny and Luke than Luke vanishing. Kenny's vague explanation of Luke "taking a hike" after apparently throwing a fit doesn't sit right with me. Something happened between Kenny and Luke to cause Luke to vanish like that.

  • :o Maybe its like Shane and Otis in the series ?

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