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Look at this image.

Now take a look at this tweet from Job Stauffer! WTH is Pizza and Ice Cream? Could it be Kenny or Luke decision?

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As you could possibly imagine, this thread isn't about the game itself. It's about everyone's feelings and perceptions, attitude and reflexive abilities.

Take a moment to put yourself in Clementine's shoes.
Remember her past... her present...


Well, now think about something like that:

Episode 5, riski situation, it's time for a crucial decision. You can save only one of them. Just one. It's no longer a matter of sitting next to someone. It's all about life and death.

You have to choose the person who's going to be your travel companion for - maybe - the next 16 months.


The "new" Kenny.
You've been knowing him since day one. He's a tough guy, with a lot of experience; he's smart and can become really dangerous if he wants to protect you. And you are sure he will. BUT his personality changed... a lot. Will he stay mentally stable?

  • Luke, a guy you've known recently. He's nice and careful (maybe too much?), young, energic, open-minded. But you don't know if he will always remain by your side.

And don't forget these brilliant opinions

Michael7123 said: If you think about it, its a choice between a good uncle and a good brother.
Potato-sama said:The pizza is tastier and lasts longer.


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  • Kenny! No wait, Luke! I changed my mind again, Kenny! No it has to be Luke!.........argh! I can't decide! This is worse than picking which table to sit at. :(

  • Kenny all the way.

    Sorry, but I don't trust Luke enough right now to say anything else. Something ain't right with that guy.

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    Kenny ofcourse...what a question!

    I have a funny idea how this choice could work out. Lets say Carver is letting you decide who of those 2 he is gonna kill. We all know Carver is an evil and manipulating man and he would do anything to reach his goals. What if he would kill the person you were trying to save? For example you decide to save Kenny, so Carver decides to kill him instead of Luke. That would be a unexpected and shoking experience!

  • I've talked to a couple people about this and it kind of depends of the circumstances and what happens up to episode five, but I would save Luke. Sure I know Kenny and we have history, but he is a very controlling and unstable person. Sure, he lost his family, and I know that's something that you never truly get over, but so has everyone else in the apocalypse. He represses rather than deals with his problem. And in season one, too, you were either with or against him and if you were against him, he hated your guts. Luke has already done more for Clementine in one week than Kenny did in 4 months(ish). He seems like someone who will actually value Clementine as part of the group, where as Kenny will underestimate her for his own agenda.

  • Uncle Kenny FTW as of now.

  • Not a doubt in my mind, Luke 100%! Telltale, pleasepleaseplease don't do anything bad to him... You don't want me to cry, do you!?

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    Kenny. He may be unstable, but Clem has known him from day one, and if anyone can help him through this, help him to let go of the past once and for all, it would be Clem. I've said this before, as much as I like Luke, I'd choose Kenny. Survival be damned, I'm not one to leave a good friend behind, and sorry to say, I simply care more about Kenny. In Season One, he considered Lee and Clem the only family he had left, I won't leave his side, no matter what.

  • I like what you said about Kenny needing Clem. It kind of comes down to, go to the person that you need or the person that needs you.

  • Luke. I feel bad for Kenny but I just don't think he's a good long-term match for a maturing Clementine. Luke treats her like an equal, Kenny would always see her as a little kid or even a surrogate for Duck and that's not fair to her. She would have to be the stable one in a partnership with Kenny and help him keep his shit together and again, that's just a sad spot to put her in.

  • "The "new" Kenny. You've been knowing him since day one. He's a tough guy, with a lot of experience; he's smart and can become really dangerous if he wants to protect you. And you are sure he will. BUT his personality changed... a lot. Will he stay mentally stable?"

    Uhh, what Kenny are we talking about, Kenny has never been shown to be smart and has only really been shown to be dangerous to himself and his allies. What person has he ever been a danger to? Well, looking through the people he confronted, Larry (an ally), Andy St-John (he got shot and lay on the ground while Lee fought Andy), Vernon's group (Kenny got beat up) and finally Carver's group, where actually managed to kill an enemy.

    And really, the only personality change hes gained is that he now tries to laugh and joke during lighter moments, otherwise hes the same

  • I can only say... I would pick Kenny if the choice comes to it. I don't really get why Luke seemed so pissed when I choose to sit with Kenny. I mean, like "I" have known Kenny for years, and only know Luke for maybe a week or two. I'm still kind of amazed to actually see him alive. Yea, I always had hope that he was still alive, but actually seeing him, and knowing that he's still up to taking care of Clementine. It really means something. I don't think Kenny has changed much, other than he seem to be more stable an settled down now. Of course, knowing that Kenny is still not much of a talker about his past, maybe he will open up more again with Clem around. Still, I can imagine not wanting to talk about the past when it hurts so much. Still, he seems ready. I mean, since he first started talking to Clem about Lee, then it seems like his quite ready to talk about the past.

    I like Luke, but I don't really know him well enough. He has stuck up for me when the others was arguing against me being bitten. Still, choosing Luke is like choosing Nick. I don't distrust him, and he seems like a nice guy. Still, I'm actually even surprised that he actually shot a guy. I mean, seriously. Nick is a terrible shooter, and he shot the guy standing next to us? Even if he meant or didn't mean to shoot him. The fact that he even took a chance like that... knowing he could likely miss and hit either me or Luke... and the fact he shot first without asking. It's quite dangerous. Nick became actually quite mad at me for not sticking with him when he shot that guy, then when I told him that the guy seemed nice... then he seemed to understand why I didn't support his action. Tough I made Walter forgive him for what he did.

    Still... I don't know what choices would be next time... due to the fact how the game ended...

  • Agree! I would surely press PAUSE and take a looong break to think :)

  • Well, you're incorrect about Luke. It's made obvious Luke is reckless and makes bad decisions. For instance, even though Clementine has proven she's capable of defending her self, she's still just a little girl and even if she doesn't think she should, Luke still urges and convinces her to go onto the bridge with him. At one point in chapter 2 he talks about how he used to jump rooftops and when Clementine says it sounds stupid, he agrees it was stupid. When Carver sees Luke isn't with the group, he comments on how he told the group not to follow Luke. It seems to me that Luke is very reckless and his decision making isn't very good.

    Regardless, he's capable in a fight and he does seem to be a good person, so I still don't want to have to make that choice in the game. If it's just Luke and Kenny and no one else is involved, I would probably choose Kenny. But that depends on how they act throughout the season.

  • Don't you know? Our tears are their source of power

  • Uhmm... I feel like Luke and Clementine form a perfect duo. Clem can make smart decisions and talk to strangers, without worrying to be shot (remember on the bridge?), while Luke can use the strength Clem doesn't have.
    As I said in the description, you have to choose the guy you will be with for the rest of the off-season (and who knows how long it's going to last this time...)

    Anyway, thanks for your opinion :)

  • My point still stands that Luke is reckless and he put Clementine in danger. Also, some strength. Clementine had to save his ass. Granted that's because he fell through the bridge. xD

    I still think I would probably choose Kenny though, but that depends on what happens in the story of course.


  • Luke no doubt, I like Kenny he's a good character but the man just is not stable, I wish him well, but I don't wish to be in my group.

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    (PS: Sunshine and Rainbows? Somehow I found that highly ironic.)

  • nice pic. btw !

  • Luke. Kenny is cool and all but I think I like Luke better.

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    And their money ;)

  • honestly I would literally have to think for hours on end before making a decision like that. It depends on the character development with Luke and it depends on how else Kenny acts in the story. As of now I would trust Luke since he hasn't done anything too bad, but still that doesn't mean I wont side with Kenny some other time. It would be the hardest decision of season 2 and possibly ever (besides shooting Lee or leaving him) but yeah since sitting a table was a pretty damn hard decision this would be the ultimate.

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    OMG not that picture on my thread! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!


  • Yep, the Ultimate Choice. Everyone would go insane.

    "Save Kenny or Luke: that is the question..."

  • That would be super awesome and great * they are fucking watching*

  • There's 3 episodes remaining, I'm sure as hell we'll get to see more of them and then make it a "less" difficult decision.

  • As of now, Luke, Kenny is amazing, but he hasn't really been there for Clementine exactly

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    "At one point in chapter 2 he talks about how he used to jump rooftops and when Clementine says it sounds stupid, he agrees it was stupid."

    Because when you're a kid, you do stupid stuff. That doesn't necessarily translate into adulthood. And the fact that he acknowledges that he now thinks it was stupid is the opposite of reckless, right?

    I wouldn't trust anything Carver says, the guy is clearly unbalanced and a liar and him and his group will use people to his advantage.

  • He says it was stupid but it was fun. I suppose you're right though, there is no reason to believe he still likes jumping rooftops. Still, from the information we have been given about the cabin group so far, I have my doubts about Luke. If Luke left the group, Carver has no reason to lie to them. He has no reason to get them not to trust Luke if Luke isn't with them any more and he seems to think Luke abandoned them. He says he told them they shouldn't have followed Luke, so clearly Luke has some faults that would make Carver have that opinion of him. Don't get me wrong, I like his character and I think he's a good person, I don't think he abandoned the group, but I think he might be a bit reckless. Or maybe he just trusts Clementine a lot. I have no proof he's reckless right now, so I hope more information about the cabin group is revealed next episode. :D

  • I actually did the same thing!

  • I trust Luke more then new Kenny but i would trust old Kenny over Luke.
    I don't like Kenny's new personality. :3

  • at the moment, I would choose Kenny. maybe by episode 5 I will have changed my mind, but for now, KENNNNNNNNNNNNNNY!

  • Easy decision - Luke. Why? Because Kenny is too much "We do as I say". I wasn't shocked when it was revealed that he is mystery person. It was nice to see him again, but I still think that he should die rescuing someone in S2. He "died" as a hero in Season One. Maybe the reason of such thoughts is that I couldn't agree with Kenny after ep.2 in S1 most of the time. I don't know. I just think that Luke is the right person for Clem to be with right now(besides Christa ofcourse).

    P.S. Sorry for my English.

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    Goddamn it, I hope the "Pizza or Ice-cream?" decision-thing Telltale mentioned in a tweet doesn't turn out to be exactly this.

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    Kenny, that's not even a choice.... seriously. IV'E ALREADY LOST HIM ONCE NEVER AGAIN!! never again....
    EDIT but then again

    I trust Luke more then new Kenny but i would trust old Kenny over Luke. I don't like Kenny's new personality. :3

    what he/she said. New Kenny does seem like he's losing his marbles a little. I think i need to get to know him again a little bit.

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