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Restore button?

posted by Erikbarber on - Viewed by 727 users

I bought each episode superstition, not a good idea, and I got it a long time ago and was wondering if there is a button to restore purchases on the ipad, I think I'm on the ipad 2 (the original charge slot) with 32gb but when I go to download the episodes it says coming soon? I have already played them but deleted the game not knowing that it roles over into season two. Can someone help

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    I apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately if you have deleted the entire application, your save files were stored within the base app. (Episode 1) If you are looking to restore your purchase, you should be able to tap the Restore button from within the Episodes Menu in the app. If the Restore button does not work for you, please refer to this Sticky in our iOS support forum that you can find here:

    • so you say that telltale Mike over and over again , in reality you know this solution isn`t going to work as hundreds of people tried it , your game on ios is a rip off , you shouldn`t be releasing games on a device specially when you know it is going to cause major problems for the buyer/player, even worse i tried to purchase your next game wolf among us but your game app won`t let me , an absolute waste of time ! not happy
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        TelltaleMike Telltale Staff
        My apologies, you may not be proceeding far enough through the purchase path to restore your previous purchase. It will ask you to confirm your purchase, and you should then be able to hit the 'Buy' button, and it will alert you that you have already purchased the item.

        If you are still experiencing this issue, please navigate to your Settings menu, select the General tab, find 'Restrictions', select that, and then scroll down to allowed content and make sure 'In-app purchases' is turned on.
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