• i sped up the main menu one at 1.5x speed and it sounds 90% the same as the among the cornfields one

    I'll upload them in a while.

  • Music is one of the few things in the world that can activate nearly every portion of the brain at once. Telltale playing our subconscious? I don't doubt it.

  • This is "S2EP2 Main Menu" sped up at 1.5x


    now compare it to "Among the cornfields"

    Same length, same "Boom" around 0:27

  • Music is definitely one of the bigger foreshadowing elements of the game.

    I'm sure others noticed, but when Carver was looking around the house the music intensified in moments. Like when his shadow appeared first at the window when you walk down the stairs a very faint snip of his theme starts. Also when he tries to find Sarah upstairs, when he confronts Clementine and basically admits he knows the group, the music turns into a sudden alerted tone of realisation, like who Carver really is - not some nosy "neighbour" but a guy who is generally out to stalk and find the group for some darker purpose.

  • If anyone can find any other moments of potential foreshadowing, that'd be awesome.

  • holy sugar honey ice tea. i just realized that. the resemblance is amazing.

  • I'm curious. Now that episode 3 is out, did anyone notice any possible instances of foreshadowing with music?
    • Not that I know of, but there is certain items or references that could possibly lead to a familiar face returning. The green Hilda in the trailer and them mentioning Molly mid way through the episode makes me think they are teasing us, possibly for her appearance in a future episode.
    • In the trailer for Episode 4, Kenny's sacrifice music (the music that plays during the Christa scene and again in Season 2 when Matthew is shot) is playing when the group is attacked by walkers at the end.
      • That's actually a really good point. Unfortunately, if they really are using music to foreshadow here, they might be implying a potential death for Kenny.
  • I'm keeping an ear out for that suspenseful theme that Lilly had in episode 3 that played when she kicked everyone out of her room and after she shot Carley/Doug.
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