• I've always liked Wyatt, as he's the goofy, unsuspecting kind of guy you'd normally expect to be killed within the first DAY of the zombie apocalypse, let alone the next two years. If he shows up at Carver's stronghold, he might provide some much-needed levity to an otherwise grim episode. (Yeah, I know. They're ALL grim, but there are degrees of grimness.)

  • Shel, it depends on how bad things are at Carver's camp, I have a feeling she would be willing to turn a blind eye to some things as long as Becca isnt exposed to it and theyre safe. If she chose to shoot Stephanie, then maybe she would stay no matter what.

    Vince, I think would want to stay there. If he believes doing things like going after Rebecca for his child is just, then I think Vince would be fine there. He might be, considering he committed murder to help his brother. Although it is possible that it doesnt fit with his views, in which case, I think Vince has strong enough beliefs and survival skills to just leave.

    Bonnie, I agree is weak and will just go with it as long as shes safe. She might have her limits, but I think theyre very low moral limits (like killing a child or some such).

    Russell, well seems kind of obvious he hates anyone that just takes from people, but perhaps Carver is just someone who forces people to stay in the settlement and perhaps really cares about people. Possible Russell stays, most likely not

    Wyatt, seems like a coin toss

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    I don't know. Maybe they got really pissed at Tavia and ended up killing her or something? Sounds dumb but I can't think of anything else at the moment.

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