• I accepted the whiskey because I didn't want to "upset" Nick in his fragile state. It was a friendly gesture. I didn't expect her to like it, regardless. The only type of alcohol I actually liked as a kid was sparkling wine. My mom accepted as well, but I don't know her reasoning.

  • I refused, and he is don't be very mad.

    Give Whisky to a 11 y.o girl? Jesus! Are you fucking kidding me? Nick, you must be wake up!

    In real life i don't drink alcoholic drink, so Clem nor in my walkthrough. She is badass (positive thought), but not a unlucky alcoholic.

  • I din't share a drink with Nick. For Christ's Sake, she is eleven years old! The last I need to worry is her starting drinking which would draw the line for me.

  • I decided not to drink it. I wanted my Clem to be clear headed. ;)

    • I hadn't even thought of that when I accepted, though even for an 11 year old I don't think one drink would get her drunk, especially since she spat it out, but we had no way of knowing that going in. Imagine if she'd just thrown back the entire jar! :O

  • I accepted. It seemed like a friendly gesture, so I tough, why not? I did think a bit of her age, but then I figured... world's gone to shit... a sip of wiskey for a minor is the least of our worries. I did the same as Lee. Beside, people need to stop looking at Clem like a little girl anymore. She need to be treated like an equal to the others, or else she won't be able to make it. She's tough.

    I had no idea that Pete could offer you a smoke, actually. Actually, dying of liver problems or cancer isn't something I would be worried about when world became like that. It's more likely that you will be killed by walkers or other groups.

    The fact that she stitched up her own arm shows some guts... I almost fainted during that scene myself... Not sure I would've been able to do it myself... I hate to say it, but I think this girl is more likely to survive than I would've ever been.

    • Yeah sure, let's have Clementine become a young alcoholic and have her curse so much that she would make Kenny blush. Might aswell teach her the true meaning about the birds and the bees.

      • Having a drink of whiskey once, doesn't make you an alcoholic, you all need to stop overreacting. Besides, she spit it out anyways and obviously didn't like it. And you also act like an 11 year old knowing how babies are made is a fucking abomination, bet you she already knows, I learned when I was like six.

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        Well she is 11, I know a good number of girls who've had there first period right around there. Also most people DO learn about the Birds and the Bees right around that age. I certainly did.

      • with all the pain and misery in the zombie world we might as well take another toke and pass the liquor

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