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Clementines Race Discussion

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Clementine's race is highly discussed on the wiki, and is very confusing, I personally think she is Mixed/Biracial, her mother looks Caucasian/Asian and sounds Caucasian/Asian, but the wiki states she is African American (causing much confusion on the wiki talk pages) Plus they keep reverting when i change it to Mixed/Biracial, which is beginning to piss me off. SO what do you think? (you can see what i did in the last four edits)

  • These threads don't last long....

  • Another one? ok, most of the people here in the forums think she is African American/Asian.

    • Then she would be categorised as biracial and not African American. Biracial is much easier to say and it is easier to write. You don't go through the length of defining a character as African American unless they are..."Just sayin"

  • Not again.

    This thread will be closed soon, but before it is, you should be informed this has been discussed to death and has in many circumstances resulted in some really ugly behavior.

    A key example: believing that an African American woman can't speak english in the same way as a Caucasian or Asian person.

  • Yeah yeah... I know. It is just confusing.

  • Sheesh, all you are wrong. Clementine and her parents are the first extraterrestrials to land on Earth. They were the ones who brought the Walker virus. Her parents unleashed it in Savannah, and they left her home so she would not become aware of her true nature or her parent's plan. The biggest mistake they made was assuming that they wouldn't be affected by the virus. Turns out their physiology is much closer to ours than they would have expected. Now the biggest question is, will Clem figure out what she really is? Will she return to her home world for the cure? Or is she doomed to suffer the same fate as the humans?

  • She's mostly white.

    • Last I checked biracial meant part of one race and part of another. African American and Caucasian,African American and Asian, etc. So if she is African American she's African American. I don't see what the fuss is about. None of us cared that we were playing as Lee in season 1 and he was African American. I think the biggest clue to the fact she was indeed black and not mixed was that nobody ever asked the white characters if Clem was their daughter. If she was mixed she could have been the child of any of the characters in the group. Everyone that met her assumed she was Lee's daughter because she was black as well with the exception of Christa who was also black who was the only one that didn't jump to conclusions because she is black and knows she isn't related to Lee. Clem's appearance is an artistic choice, nothing more. When Telltale first planned the game Clem was meant to be Lee's sister(remember). The character models didn't change, just the relationship. They were both intended to be African American characters. This being said she can be white if you want her to be, if that makes you enjoy the game more but you do come off as kind of ignorant unless, of course, you're joking or being sarcastic. Or you're just young.

      • Lol. This is such a silly discussion, but I don't get butthurt like many people do about it. That said, I think the safest description of Clementine would be multiracial. She looks like a bit of everything and maybe that's intentional. Also, she's definitely part white as everyone was remarking about how she looks like the girl on the peach cans. Her dad is definitely black and her mom looks white/Asian/black. Clementine is the Tiger Woods of TWD. She's a bit of everything. I never understand the people who get offended by this topic. Nor do I understand the people who say that Clementine is exclusively one race. She's light-skinned with green almond eyes with afro-textured hair. Those features tend to be present in white (light skin and green eyes), Asian(light skin/almond eyes), and African (afro-textured hair) peoples. So, the most logical assumption is she's multiracial (biracial means "two" and she could easily be more).

      • Then why is her skin tone so light? Like Shel or Shel's sister (forgot her name), and they are definetly white.

        Clem has yellow eyes. And If she's black, then why Telltale choose white voice actor for her, was it so hard to find a black one?

  • She's Blasian, or if you'd prefer, blackanese. Her dad's black and her moms asian. Within the first 15-20 minutes of the very first episode you found out. She even thinks Lee's her dad from a distance. There's a family portrait. She's blackanese in the background wallpaper of this page. And yes, calling someone black is actually politically correct for about 10 years... calling someone African is kind of ignorant and racist as well. Not all black people are African.

  • Completely unimportant. Who cares? Trolls and insecure people do, that's who.

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