• For the sake of the thread, let's say Clem is backed into a corner, and if she refuses to fire, either Luke or Kenny tries to grab the gun from her, accidentally setting it off and killing Clem. This results with a non-canon "you are dead" screen.

  • Shit, that would be a tough decision to make. Hope it doesn't come to that.

  • i dont think Clem will shoot either one...

  • Why would they want to kill each other? And why would Clem want to kill any of them?

  • I get why everyone is coming up with these hypotheticals about Luke vs. Kenny, but in my own opinion, I think that what Walter said is true, they will eventually find common ground. I don't believe that their rivalry will ever become much more than a rivalry, and I really don't think that it will become that same as Kenny vs. Lilly in S1.

    If they don't actually find common ground, then they'll be forced to work together against Carver. I'm not saying that we won't eventually have to choose between them, but I don't get the feeling that it will culminate into a life or death situation, and I don't think that they'll fight or try to kill each other.

    • Why don't you think it will be the equivalent of Season 1's Kenny vs. Lilly? As I was making my choices in Episode 2, that was the exact example my mind turned to.

      We can sit on the fence between siding with Kenny or siding with Luke for a long time, but eventually there will come a time for some massive decision like the one in the St. John's meat locker that completely destroys our link with one and aligns us with the other. It may not involve anyone on either side dying, but it will come. I would wager money on it.

      That said, the example given in the first post wouldn't work, absent some major reason Clem couldn't choose 'shoot neither.' Barring no other choice, I won't be hurting either Kenny or Luke. They're both friends of Clem and I see no reason to hurt either of them.

      • That said, the example given in the first post wouldn't work, absent some major reason Clem couldn't choose 'shoot neither.'

        There are all sorts of plot developments in episode 3 that could cast both men in a doubtful light. We might learn a few unsavoury details about Luke's past, or Kenny could become increasingly unhinged. Luke could also be somewhat feverish and incoherent after tracking Clem through the wilderness to Carver's stronghold. When the actual fight erupts, Kenny and Luke would be in a frenzied state of mind, ready to kill the other. In this case, Clem is forced to take action if she's to save one of them.

        I know this is all just speculation on my part, but keep in mind some characters did things in AROUND EVERY CORNER/NO TIME LEFT that we couldn't see them doing ever in A NEW DAY.

        • The main thing to make it work is there must be a reason why Clem absolutely MUST choose one or the other. Either someone is forcing you, or if you don't act they both die and Clem dies shortly thereafter ala Carley and Doug. If that can be included, the scenario works fine.

      • I don't think it's the same because Luke and Kenny are quite similar. They've just developed this childish rivalry because of Clementine. Kenny and Lilly were actually opposites, Luke and Kenny don't seem to be. Like Walter said, they'll probably find common ground soon enough. With Lilly and Kenny... I don't think they really had any common ground.

  • I see trouble on the way.

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    That better not happen, that would be the hardest decision ever in The Walking Dead.

  • A more likeable/believable scenario would be Carver holding a gun and their heads and letting Clementine decide who of them he will kill. They might don't like each other due to the fact that both of them are very close to Clem, but they wouldn't just try to kill each other.

  • Hell it was very hard for me to choose who should I sit with for dinner so choosing which 1 of them dies ?!?

  • I think I might have to shoot Kenny. Not because I like Luke better or anything, even though I think Luke is awesome too, but we've already seen a LOT of Kenny, and Luke should have some time to shine.

    In addition to that, Kenny's been through hell. He deserves to rest, and be with Kat and Duck again.

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