Props to Sarah?

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She knew where Rebecca was. And even when Carver was going to town on her dad she didn't spill the beans. This is one of two things:

Sarah isn't as 'ill prepared' as we think she is


A simple oversight in that the writers didn't come to the conclusion we might make the connection.

Or.... I'm missing something?



  • Sarah's sheltered, but she's not stupid.

  • True. I just never would have expected her to have the fortitude to not tell when her dad is having his fingers snapped in front of her

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    She's the traitor. She's a heartless bitch, Lily 2.0. She was with Carver all the time and faked her affection to her dad. She even tried to kill Clementine by showing her the gun she found (she actually had it for a while) and Carver saw her in the cabin, he just wanted to make sure she was still spying for him. She fakes her illness since the outbreak started, so she can always be fine and can't be harmed. She's a really clever girl.

  • I thought she would crack under the pressure or at least have another panic attack but she really stepped up.

  • Well, Sarah is 15.

  • I always thought he was 18.

  • Did Sarah know where Rebecca was? Remember, she ran outside to her father and didn't come back inside until Alvin, Rebecca, and Clementine had hidden upstairs. Unless I'm remembering the scene wrong, she didn't know where everyone else was.

  • Maybe your right. I thought they were standing at/near where the hid next to the railing

  • I just don't remember the prisoners being brought in before Alvin, Rebecca, and Clem had time to hide. If I AM remembering this right, then Bonnie and Johnny (hey, that rhymes) went in first to check the lodge out and make sure it was safe enough to bring the prisoners into. Clem follows Alvin upstairs while they sweep the main room, followed by Carver and Troy bringing everyone in and lining them up.

  • Honestly I think she suffers from anxiety and panic attacks looking at some of her reactions like at the cabin when she asks Clem where her dad was and Clem said he's fine and Sarah seems to panic and breath a lot harder and when Carver comes to the cabin and she needs Clem to tell her what to do. I think she was so worked up over seeing what was happening to her Dad that she couldn't think straight

  • Could be it. But honestly I think that would have caused her to blurt out "upstairs" compared to stop and don't hurt my dad and whatever else she said. But I could be wrong!

  • Wow I thought she was a little older then Clem but I would have never guessed 15. I thought she was maybe 13 :P

  • Yep she doesn't seem that much older especially mentally. But she says she's 15 if you choose the right dialog.

  • I believe it was confirmed that she was 15, I was pretty surprised too.

  • I tried to give this post a thumbs up and a thumbs down at the same time but it didn't work.

  • Is any one else thinking maybe Sarah knows more then we first thought ? I seriously think that girl is trouble, also this is a bit mad but could she be carvers daughter and somehow she was taken a Away from him.

  • That kinda surprised me too considering she's snitched on clem twice. Once when clem snuck in the house to get supplies and again if you lie about opening the door for carver. Maybe she was so traumatized by what was happening to her dad she didn't think to snitch Rebecca out.

  • That kinda surprised me too considering she's snitched on clem twice. Once when clem snuck in the house to get supplies and again if you lie about opening the door for carver. Maybe she was so traumatized by what was happening to her dad she didn't think to snitch Rebecca out.

  • I don't know all I do know is I don't trust Sarah something isn't right with her is she really as innocent as her dad makes out or is there more to it yet to be discovered ?

  • I feel so sad for sarah, she was literally screaming when she saw alvin and walter die.. and she was the only one who was really screaming, beside rebecca. lol

  • I don't think she is Carver's daughter, why would she be scared when Carver comes to the cabin? I don't trust her either but that's because I don't think she can handle herself in stressful situations, although from the op it may be my distrust is misplaced.

  • I think she's fooling us all, she didn't even flinch when carver was snapping her fathers finger back for crying out loud!

  • We'll carver is weird anyway maybe he did something to her I don't know all I know is something just isn't right with her, yeah she is a kid but then so is Clem and she has been through loads, but Sarah hmm I just don't trust her. Ellis maybe she screamed as some kinda cover up, sorry guys very active brain here lol by the way who else got Alvin killed.

  • Ok, she's not THAT stupid, obviously. It's just her dad who tries to keep her away from reality - as if she isn't gonna find the truth by herself.
    She's all he has left in this world (you got it, their world -__-') and wouldn't forgive himself if something ever happens to her.

    But she's not a kid. How old is she? 13? 14? She's been snooping around and she even found a gun.
    Obviously, I taught her how to use it and how to defend herself -- thought it might come handy for future "sticky" events.

    And... Honestly? I thought she was gonna tell Carver where Rebecca and Alvin are. I don't know. I just assumed she was "stupid" because her father mentioned the "thing" - ya know.

    "If she knew how bad the world is... She would... Cease to function"

    I can still hear Carlos and that funny accent of his ringing in my ears. Anyway -- DON'T UNDERESTIMATE YOUR CHARACTERS.

  • She may not have spilled the beans but she did react strongly to his suffering, moreso than anyone else. Also, she doesn't react very strongly to Clem's injury if you choose to show her, and she understands that guns can't kill without bullets, that Carlos asking Clem to "distract her" is unnecessary (and insulting), and that Carver is a threat to more than herself. Honestly, she's the most interesting character so far and I'm very curious to see what happens.

    So, I think the thing we're missing is a few details on why she's the way she is and that perhaps Carlos's sheltering of her is due to his misperception that her childishness and sensitivity is somehow a symptom of an intellectual disability. Perhaps Clem will discover the reasoning behind her insistence for being open honest about everything in the next episode; maybe she's just really good that way, or it's a fear-driven discipline of some kind.

  • Overestimating your characters can be worse than underestimating them. At least if you underestimate them it doesn't come as a shock when they do something wrong. Ben!

  • I'm of a mind that Sarah was more aware than Carlos thought, after seeing the way she reacted to Clementine lying to her during the photo scene. I'm actually thinking she might be putting on a bit of an act herself, which is ironic because her father puts on such a strong act for her.

  • I agree with viva-la lee on this one Ben was sweet and nice and also someone you can't trust and I believe we will find out Sarah is the same, oh and does anyone think Luke is alive still

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    Underestimate #SAINT JOHNS DAIRY FARM

    Underestimate #STRANGER

    Underestimate #BONNIE

    Underestimate AND ON AND ON

  • I agree, she isn't as much of a liability as Carlos wants us to believe. She just may have a trick or two up her sleeve that we may find useful.

  • I don't feel the same about her being the most interesting character, although she does rank high on that list, I completely agree with the rest of your post!

  • There is a difference between underestimating a known character and having a surprise plot twist. I consider none of those underestimation excluding perhaps Bonnie. That my opinion though.

  • But who thought that lil fat lady and her sons would've been man eaters? I would've never thought about it... But there was something off tho. I didn't trust them but whatever man doesn't make less of a freaking surprise

  • True, but that was purposeful misdirection, not a base by base underestimation. (Imo)

  • Which leads me to think there is more to Sarah then we think, because carver seems to think a lot of her wouldn't you say

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