• She's probably in it for her own group. We all jumped to conclusions and thought she'd help Clem's group, but she might simply view Clem & Co as bandits.

    Either that, or she regrets working for Carver/is being pushed into working for him.

  • I think she has been brainwashed by Carver.

  • Bonnie didn't do anything wrong. If you your friend tortured someone and you knew if you tried to stop it would get you killed would you do it?
    And you see what happends if try to escape Carvers camp, they track you down and bring you back.

    • She had an assault rifle and Carver had his back turned, I find the 'Bonnie is being forced' argument is a but lacking .

      • Troy would have killed her most likely....

        • After his henchman died (who's name escapes me) it was an unsuspecting Troy and an unsuspecting Carver. I have no doubts she had a plethora of opportunities to cap both of them in one swoop.

      • She probably has been told that the cabin survivors have this coming. We already know that Alvin killed someone to get at carver. We don't know what everyone else has done.

        Besides, you could see the "WTF I didn't sign up for this" face on her when she saw Carver execute Walter.

        • I agree with that. While I'm not sure I am fully invested in that theory it is definitely plausible. I was just saying that Bonnie is not being forced, or at least I highly doubt she is. You could argue Carver has someone she knows captive or a million different 'being forced' ideas, but as it sits now I think she is in it for her own nefarious purposes, or at least purposes that serve herself and the people she trusts.

  • Bonnie seems to be forced to do Carver's bidding. She didn't look at all happy with what Carver was doing, but had a look like she had no choice and felt like she had to follow orders. We clearly saw Carver has no qualms beating the shit out of people or even killing them for "his cause"

  • I don't think she has a choice.

    She's a coward for bending to Carver's will and doing terrible stuff for him, that's for sure, but she's not really a bad gal.
    I'm sure the guilt is crushing her from inside.

    If Carver gets overthrown in EP3, I'm positive she'll be there to help Clem when it matters.

  • Yea, I'm sure. Bonnie is more likely to bend to Carver's will. Witch is probably why Bonnie was first sent out to scout too. She seems like a friendly person. Carver would not be able to do that with Russell, that's for sure. When Russell can walk out on Nate, he pretty sure wouldn't take shit from a guy like Carver. Still, I'm shocked that he shot a guy without any warning.

    Wonder what they are going to do to Clem and the others.

  • She is a bitch....she better not touch a single hair on Clemmy's little head

  • IF Bonnie ever tries to do a Lilly attitude like shooting Carley and if she did that to Clemmy, THE CLAWS ARE OUT!!!!

  • My Bonnie was honest and trustworthy (being completely honest to Leland about what happened with Dee) and Leland went with her so I find it completely out of character for he to become a bandit. She must have been brainwashed or manipulated by Carver. I wouldn't put it past Carver to make her believe that the cabin group are the bad guys so I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and hope we can get her on our side in Ep 3.

    I would also love to know why Leland leaves Bonnie. (Although from watching playthroughs he dies if your not honest so we probably won't find out.)

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