• Could be Carver's Scouts, and why would Victor and Ralph(Assuming he is still alive) track the Cabin Group for?

    It is possible for this theory to be truth as well, since the two lights were behind the Bridge, it would take them hours to get to the Ski Resort

    For me I think, someone saved Christa and shot and killed Ralph, in one of the death in All dat Remain you can see a worried Victor, those two lights one of them could be Christa

    • Spoiler

      I'm assuming Carver only had one scout being Bonnie who was by herself when scouting at the ski lodge. Victor and Ralph may not even be tracking them but just crossing the bridge having the same ideas of finding safety in the mountains, or they could be running from something. But yeah it would be cool if one of the lights was Christa but then who would the other person be, because we know that Christa doesn't trust strangers especially when Omid died.

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