What will push him to that point?

So obviously, Bigby gets pretty crazy in later episodes, referring to his transformation. Whether or not we make a certain choice, I'm sure we'll still see this were-wolf style bersion. But my question is : What is going to push Bigby into becimg this angry as to turn into a huge black wolf? Will someone new die that pus him over th edge? Will he have to to accomplish something. Does someone piss him the hell off?


  • Snow is probably the closest to him. He sees her dead(Its not actually her though) but he keeps his calm so its going to be REALLY hard to make him change into his werewolf form. Even when he fights The Woodsman, and Grendl the only thing that changes is he gets claws, his eyes get all yellow, and he gets hairy. I have no idea what will shove him over the edge but all I know is it has to be a really really horrible thing.

    I know this probably won't happen but:

    Bigby awakes as he hears a loud knock on his door. He opens it and finds no one there except a burlap bag on the floor. He closes his door bringing the bag inside his apartment. He holds the bottom of the bag and dumps its contents onto the floor. Heads roll around his carpet, all faces he knew. Beauty, Holly, Nerissa, Vivian, and Snow....

  • Bigby would usually only change that much if he's in a situation where he feels it's necessary. Either he's facing a person or group that he can't take on in his human form or he needs the extra speed of his half-transformed self because time is of the essence.

  • I would say maybe something to with Snow or I honestly keep thinking that is not him we but someone else being mistaken for him .

  • Probably this too. He might use this form on a formidable opponent. Or just like what everyone says, something that would have to do with someone dear to him.

  • That would be like Episode one's ending times a hundred.

  • I really get the feeling that shit's gonna start going down big time in the 3rd episode. My bet is Bigby is going to get into trouble and wounded really bad (maybe get shot?) and has to turn into a semi-wolf form to heal himself of his wounds. Then probably fight the bad guy who did it.

  • in the preview screens it only shows Bigby in near-wolf form and Toad saying: "Jesus Bigby, is that you?".
    Terrible stuff will happen in the next few episodes which slowly turn the screw, could be that he's falsely accused or that he needs to wolf-out to help some Fables. Then he could get carried away and start rampaging - Imagine playing as Bigby in full wolf-form wreaking havoc throughout New York! I think that it's more to do with possibly Fabletown being uncovered, purely because of the Detective having such a minimized role in Episode 2. Don't think they'll pull another Snow-death thing like Episode 1, that just wouldn't be right.

  • Maybe he fights against dat ginger?

  • In the trailer for the 3rd episode, Dee points a gun at him, and on of the chapters(I forget what episode it is for) it is called silver bullet. Maybe that has something to do with it...

  • I think that is only shown if you went after Dee when he tried to run from the bar. So if you caught Woodsman, that scene might never show up.

  • Huh, I guess your right. But wounded why Grendel wants to skin The Woodsman alive?

  • Do you guys like the appearance of the werewolf?

    Don't know why, but I think it's a little strange

  • I think its... AWESOME!!!

  • I wish he was a bit more... snout-y. But other than that, looks good

  • Maybe both happen, and the game chooses to show you what most pertains to what choices you made

  • Maybe he fights against bufkin?

  • Haha, it would be a pretty short fight XD

  • In comics he can turn anytime he wants trying whole hulk thing in game real cheesy think turn when faces beast to big for his physical body going be epic

  • bufkin has super ultra powers!

  • Alcohol fuels his abilities

  • And if Bufkin does gets his fuel, his powers would be over 9000. Bigby better watch out for this mofo.

  • Epic final boss fight.

  • Someone ate the last donut

  • Not just super ultra powers, but super awesome ultra mega powers. :)

  • I think he'll get snouty (lol) when he makes his full transformation. He gets plenty snouty in the comics when he changes. I think we're just seeing the various stages of his transformation. They've gotten everything else pretty similar looking to the comic, so I bet they'll ultimately keep Bigby's full wolf look the same. At least, I hope so.

  • If Crane really tries to do something to Snow, thats all I can think of.

  • I don't like. It's Wookie, not a werewolf.

    Alt text

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, that's kinda true!

  • Bigby isn't even supposed to be a werewolf

  • Doesn't mean he couldn't look like one

  • Indeed, but it also means that you can't complain if he doesn't look like one.

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    Snow: "You won't like the news I have."
    Bigby: "What?"
    Snow: "Bufkin ate the last donut."

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    I'm not complaining, I am discussing. And I can discuss if I want to. Freedom of speech, mah friend. Doesn't mean I'll love the game any less, or start bad mouthing the game to people and tell them not to play it. I simply am not crazy about, what appears to be, the look of Bigby's final stage. I know he's not a werewolf, but that doesn't mean can't look Werewolf-ish. And even though he is supposed to be a straight up wolf, means he should look a bit more wolfy, with a snout. Which just happens to be similar characteristics of a werewolf

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    Well you're right, you in theory CAN complain that he doesn't look like a werewolf, but you shouldn't as it is illogical.

    Besides, Bigby's final form is an actual wolf. He's barely reached 9000 at this point ;)

  • Yeah, I see where your coming from. I wasn't trying to be ride or anything, I just get very passionate on discussion boards XD. I just want a really bad ass werewolf to be tearing shit to pieces in the game XD

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    This is probably where Telltale took Bigby's "werewolf" look from.
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