• My ideal group would be Clementine, Kenny, Luke, Sarah, Christa, Carlos, Rebecca, Baby, Bonnie, Vince, Wyatt, Eddie.

    I think by S3 we'll be left with Clementine, Kenny, Luke, Sarah, Baby, Bonnie/Eddie(Carley/Doug scenario), 400 Days characters(at least a few, I'm not sure who though).

  • Mine would be:

    Kenny, Clem, Luke, Vince, Eddie, Carlos and Sarah.

  • Mine would be:

    1. Clementine- nuf' said
    2. Kenny- I feel Kenny can go the distance and survive...unless Telltale has other plans though -_-
    3. Luke- I don't think Luke's gonna die and I feel like their brother-sister relationship is intriguing and interesting.
    4. Sarah
    5. Rebecca's baby- I think the group would try as much as possible to keep Bec's baby safe. And I hope I get to name the baby though :D (Omid Jr./Christa)
    6. Nick- Since Nick's fate is determinant right now, I feel his chances of living are slim...but I still want him to live regardless. Aaaand I'm keeping Pete's promise too :D
    7. Eddie- I don't know much about Eddie as of now, but I feel like he's gonna have some impact and live. And besides, this group needs a Roadkill driver like him.
    • Snap! :D Except I'd rather have Vince in there. I would say instead of Sarah/Nick/Baby but I did promise Pete to look after Nick, and Sarah needs Clem to prepare her seeing as Carlos won't... and I love the idea of naming Rebeccas baby after Christa/Omid. I so hope that's an option! XD

  • Luke, Clem, Sarah, Carlos, Alvin, and baby (of remaining characters).

  • Clem, Kenny, Luke, Carlos, and Sarah. Am i the only person who really likes Sarah?

  • My ideal group would consist of the following:

    1. Luke
    2. Clem
    3. Kenny
    4. Nick
    5. Carlos

    All of them look out for the people they care about, and I love these characters.

    • Well Nick is probably going to die soon if you did actually save him in episode 2. Carlos apparently is HATED and DESPISED by Carver. Kenny is probably going to get himself killed with his attitude. So Luke and Clem are probably the most likely to survive and sorry to bash down on your group dude.

      • I saved Nick. I told Walter he is a good guy, because in my eyes, I wholeheartedly believe that. We don't know what Telltale will do as they did say that our choices will matter more this season. And many parts of "A House Divided" was unexpected (at least to me), even with over two months time of speculation after "All That Remains" premiere. So before assuming that my ideal group will die, let's just enjoy the ride of the next episodes and see what happens.

        By the way, I'm a gal, haha.

        • Good to know ;) I like gals who are into zombie games.

        • He was just protecting his friends. We get it.

        • Yeah, sorry about that. Well, I wasn't assuming that your group was going to die I was only mere predicting what I think will happen to the characters in your group. You also forgot about the 400 days group. Keep in mind they probably will play a HUGE role in season 2 for, they already have introduced Bonnie as a not so good person but, it did look like Clem was making friends or even peace with Bonnie.

          • Yeah. Perhaps Bonnie and Clem will hatch a plan to get out of the camp somehow?

            • I will predict that Bonnie had just felt so horrible about Walter's death after giving them LOADS of food. She is going to turn on Carver eventually. I don't think Bonnie has enough hatred inside of her. Even when they were capturing them Bonnie kind of feels remorse.

          • Oh no worries, I didn't take it personally. I just wanted to point that out. And I didn't forget about the 400 days group, I'm just not as attached to them yet as I don't know too much about them. But with that being said, I can't wait to see how their story arc's will turn out. :)

    1. kenny
    2. nate
  • My group:

    Clem, Nick, Shel, Vince, and Kenny/Luke

    I'm not sure about Kenny or Luke. I feel like Luke ran away because he knew that Carver was coming or something on those lines, but Kenny also seems kind of different... I don't quite know.

    • I'm not sure about Kenny or Luke. I feel like Luke ran away because he knew that Carver was coming or something on those lines, but Kenny also seems kind of different... I don't quite know.

      I don't think Luke ran away. I think he's just hiding for now, trying to devise a plan to save Clem and the rest.

  • I wouldn't mind if Kenny and Sarita joined up with the cabin group (and that kind of happened anyway). I liked the little interactions Sarah and Sarita had and feel it could be very illuminating for both characters (I loved Sarah's comment regarding Good King Wenceslas; her father doesn't give her enough credit). And Kenny and Nick are bound to amuse me to no ends if nothing else. I also still want to see more interactions between the cabin members in general.

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