The Walking Dead, Season 2 - Episode 2 still saying "Coming Soon".

TWD, Season 2 - Ep2 has been long awaited, and I have checked in on the episode every day since its release to see if it is available through my "Steam" account on PC, and it hasn't. When I launch the game, it will even say that "Episode 2 is available for download", but when I click the bubble that it pops up on, it takes me to the telltale games website.

Well, today I decided that I would re-play episode 1 of season 2 to see if maybe that was my problem, and it isn't. I'm still seeing the "Coming soon" logo whereas it should be allowing me to play the game like everyone else. I've even searched online and I cannot find a solution.

I bought the season in bulk (all 5 episodes) when season 2 first came out, and I'm not exactly sure what's going on. Is anyone else (I'm in the United States) having this problem or is there any way that I can solve this issue simply so that I can actually play the game tonight?

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