• no that you mention it, i realize how i thought the trailer was less interesting, but when you play better music it makes it that much better.


    Always wearing the same shoes since episode 1 from season 1. -__-

  • Take in consideration that this isn't really a trailer as much as it is a preview into next episode, just like at the end of Episode 1: All that Remains, the "trailer" for A House Divided did not contain any music either.

  • Nice work, it really does make the trailer feel more epic, especially when Kenny speaks because it's sorta his theme. I wish I can use Sony Vegas, but it always leaves watermark whenever I try to edit videos (Which I love doing - Editing Videos) but I only use the trail version, FML -_- I can't use WMV (Both versions) because they always crash.

  • Is that alvin in the chair? i think I got alvin killed...

  • Interesting. For me, the preview had music. It was similar to Episode 2's new slide theme:

    It's a little soft in this video, but it was louder for me. I like the dark feel it gives for the events to come, even though it's probably not the most spectacular choice.

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