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Juicy Mentioned in Episode 2, Possible Return Next Episode

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So we know Juicy, the apply juice box, made an appearance in Episode 1. Now we all know he is a major character in the series, and Telltale knows this. He was briefly mentioned I. episode 2, with Alvin "missing the juice boxes".

My theory for Juicy's return in Episode 3 is that Kenny will go insane and adopt an object as a child. He chooses a box of juice and one of the names Clem can name him is "Juicy." Or Carver gives Clem Juicy to drink.

What do you think? Will Juicy survive the season or die a heroic death?

  • I believe that his appearance will be determined by Alvin's state of living. Juicy is a very powerful character, but he can do nothing without the assistance of master summoner Alvin. We all know that Juicy's character arc is not complete, but I am not sure that he will appear in episode 3. It all depends on your choices.

    That said, I hope to see Juicy's character become increasingly developed throughout this season and further seasons. In my opinion, his importance is second only to Kenny's godlike stache (now, his godlike mane). With these two combined, the apocalypse as we know it would end. However, it cannot be, as we would lose the entire premise of the game. Telltale is too smart to bring these two together.

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