• I do not thinks so man, in Episode 3 the whole point will be about escaping but you find out something that will dramtically alter your view on the group war between Carlos' group and Carver's, the baby possibly being born if the picture in the episode select screen is anything to go by. Serious shit will go down in Episode 4, plenty of people will die, some emotional trauma will happen to Clementine, again, based on the picture from the Episode Select screen, and Episode 4 will end the Carver campaign if Episode 3 hasn't as Episode 5 will probably introduce a new problem, but I don't even know if Clementine will survive, or even is alive in Chapter 5.

    She is not shown in the Episode 5 picture, all is shown is a skeleton. I do know that serious shiola will hit the fan, and it will spray all over in our faces and we will have to lick it off the walls by making the worst decisions that has come yet. It's basically, you are going have to do something evil either way, just which evil do you think is the lesser? That's my prediction, I'm expecting the worst, especially Episode 4 and on.


  • Yeah I feel now we know a bit more about at least episode 4,basically the name I believe,amid the ruins.I believe that this refers too Carver's community falling apart and trying to pick up from that,probably ruined by the "storm"

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