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Episode release dates

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How long does normally take fore each episode with be release?

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    Usually, Telltale aims to release episodes within a 4-6 week period, or possibly a two month period.

    Sometimes, Telltale will take a little longer (as evidenced by the wait between Episode 1 and Episode 2), but this isn't extremely common.

    Over here on the forums, moderators such as myself will make threads where users can discuss the wait in-between Episodes, or keep an eye out for news on the latest Episode. Here, you can discuss the wait for Episode 3 if you have any other questions about the release for Episode 3 in particular.

    • Usually, you mean 3-6 months period?

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        Blind Sniper Moderator

        Again, a 3 month wait is a rare outlier.

        Where did you pull 6 months from?

        • 4-6 weeks is a lie! **
          The only episodes to make that deadline were TWD:S1 episodes 4 & 5, and even those episodes were at the 6 week mark. The first half of the season was 2 months each. (2+2+1.5+1.5)/4 = 1.75 which means **the average wait time between episodes for TWD S1 was about 2 months
          . The wait time was shorter then. Where did you pull 4 weeks from? I take it Pert was just following your example but exaggerating the other direction. His only fault was that, to truly follow your example in reverse, he should have said 4-6 months (the longest observed time and then towards the number pulled out of one's ass. Since TWD S1, the wait time between episodes for any game has been about 3.5 months. That means 4 months for TWAU and 3 months for TWD S2. I may have forgotten some of statistics but when 1/3 of the occurrences are 3 months or greater, it qualifies as neither rare or an outlier.

          At least with TWD S1 we were getting about 2.5 hours of average playing time just playing out the main story. Whereas now with both TWAU and TWD S2 we get about 2 hours of playing time. Which isn't too bad until you consider we are waiting longer for less. And I don't know about others, but it seems to me that TWAU likes to have a lot of forced dramatic pauses and panoramic views of the scenery, which makes me wonder how much of the 2 hours is genuine gameplay.

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            Blind Sniper Moderator

            Looks like you are cherry-picking evidence, as you are only going off of Walking Dead: Season 1/2 and Wolf Among Us.

            You seem to conveniently ignore all the Telltale series that did have a 4-6 week wait in between episodes.

            • Sam and Max Season 1
            • Sam and Max Season 2
            • Strong Bad
            • Wallace and Gromit
            • Tales of Monkey Island
            • Sam and Max: Season 3
            • Back to the Future
            • Law and Order Legacies

            Yes, Walking Dead Season 1/2 and Wolf Among Us had longer waits. However, that is only going off of Telltale's newer titles. Those three games make a small percentage of everything Telltale has released. That's what I meant by "outlier."

            Where did you pull 4 weeks from? I take it Pert was just following your example but exaggerating the other direction.

            I pulled that from the list of the games above that typically took four to six weeks to release an episode.

            • Well, i don't know about those games just TWD which got me interested in TWAU because i heard it was similar (i.e. choices changing the story). If those games are similar in that respect then my apologies, but i think they should be similar because logic would seem to tell me that it would take a bit more time to craft a good story with branching paths rather than a linear plot. And that like games should be lumped together when guessing at the expected wait time. It wasn't my intention to be misleading, in fact i was trying to be quite honest.

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                Blind Sniper Moderator

                Oh, I thought you were going off of Telltale in general. I misunderstood.

                If you mean games in which choices affect story, then yes - they take longer than Telltale's typical average of 4-6 weeks.

                I had assumed the question in the original post was asking about Telltale in general, so that was why I stuck with 4-6 weeks. The "tailored narrative" gameplay is new for Telltale so they are still trying to hone that down, I guess.

                I'm only a volunteer moderator so I can't speak for Telltale though.

                • ok I see it was just a misunderstanding. I'm sorry if I came off as a bitch. I assumed it was for "tailored narrative" since i saw it under TWAU. And I didn't want them to have unlikely hopes for the next episode.

  • oh okay then. there it goes.

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