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Ideal group?

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If you could have anyone from the overall seasons of the walking dead who would be upor ultimate group?

  • This is the ideal group:

    • A leader
    • The second-in-command
    • The scavenger/runner/athletic-kinda-guy
    • Medic/first aider
    • The sniper/deadshot
    • Extra people who could bring in something to the table
  • If you are talking about the overall Walking Dead universe: tv show, comics, and telltale game then this would be my group

    • Leader Rick Grimes
    • Right hand man Daryl Dixon
    • Person that does the dirty work Merle Dixon
    • Scavenger Jesus
    • Medic Herschel
    • Extra people with survival skills and smarts
    • If I was to choose from just the game I'd go with:

      • Leader - Lee
      • Second - Carley
      • Dirty work - Kenny
      • Scavenger - Glenn
      • Medic - Carlos, because he's proven to be a valuable fighter

      If it was TWD in general, I'd pick the same as you.

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