Episode 2 slide [theme change]

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Did anyone else notice how Episode 2's slide theme changed from this

to this

after they released it? I found it interesting. I wonder if it's because they changed some story elements, and if they'll change the other's sometime in the future. I'm particularly looking at Episode 4's, but I doubt they would get rid of that one. It's too darn creepy and awesome:


  • yeah im pretty sure most people noticed it already, love the change tho :P

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    I like it a lot better!

    When it started playing when Walter found out about Matthew and was fiddling with the knife I was pissing myself!

    I was like "Oooh boy,scary theme, shit just got real. We're so screwed."

  • someone posted in another thread that the main menu theme for 'a house divided' is the same as the 400 days track 'among the cornfields' but slower

    just thought this was relevant lol

  • My sentiments exactly! It definitely gives off the "shit just hit the fan" vibe, and it stressed me out beyond belief when it played during the scene where Walter plays with the knife.

  • Nice, I'll check that out. Maybe it's some type of foreshadowing since Bonnie was in "A House Divided".

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