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I'm BACK! (Celebration and Episode Impressions)

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But Pokedme, what took you so long to get back?

That is a very good question! See, I planned on playing it Tuesday, but I had internet problems at the time. Though I could still get into Offline mode on Steam, the episode DIDN'T UPDATE! I was PISSED! So, until about a few hours ago, my internet just got repaired. On my birthday, no less!

Now, we can eat cake later, but right now, let's talk about my impressions on the episode...

Really the only thing that could describe my experience with the episode are as follows: Jizz spraying in every direction, shit pouring out of my bottom, and heart nearly stopping from the amount of twists, shocking moments, and just down right intensity this episode had! By FAR the BEST episode of this series... EVER! I just got done with the episode, like, moments ago, so yeah...

... I suppose I need more info don't I?

So that this thread doesn't turn completely useless, I'll edit in some info. From the beginning, when I was sitting in that ambulance with Pete, giving him a smoke like a good little girl, I felt... sad. Reminded me a bit of Lee: definitely not as emotional, but I got feels for sure. Pete went out like a hero, and saved Clementine's life. I miss him already.

Then that scene with Mathew? I did NOT expect it to turn out that way! If you played the episode, you know what I mean by this: at first, I was pissed at Nick, but I let him slide since he was on edge. I talked to him and he gave me an emotional speech, and now I feel bad for him. Same as Rebecca: Her suspicion of Clementine was completely justified: still unfair, but not unjustified. Now I feel bad for trying to blackmail her.

I cannot WAIT until further episodes! I am so fucking EXCITED!

So yeah... I'm back... the episode is awesome... what more do you want?

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