"Lee and I had our differences"

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When talking with Kenny near the fireplace, somewhere during the conversation you are given the option to say "Lee saved me". After saying that, Kenny will say one of two things. He will either say "I knew it, I knew he would. That guy had a fire in him sure as hell." Then he will say "Hell". Then this is where he either says "Lee and I had our differences" or "Lee was a great guy". What makes him say one or the other, is it based on the decisions you made in Season 1? Btw, I quoted these by memory so don't quote me quoting them. I tried to be as accurate as possible, but that's the general idea.


  • I assume it is depends on whether or not you got the bro speech at the end of episode 4.

  • Pretty sure it's based on your choices in Season 1.

    Like... I sided with him against Larry and Lilly (when they thought Duck was bitten), but I went against him on many other choices (e.g., Salt-licking Larry). By the end, there is a moment where Kenny and Lee almost get into a fight and you can forgive him (and he forgives you). He says almost the same thing to Lee as he says to Clem next to the fire (something like "we haven't always seen eye to eye, but you've been there for me when it mattered").

    I think you can disagree with him about most stuff, but if you kill Duck for him, he will always think Lee was okay (even if the two of them never got along). Not 100% certain about that, though.

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    That's a good question. Even though I love Kenny, I thought for sure he'd still be angry since I didn't drop the saltlick on Larry in Season One. But to my surprise, he said that my Lee was "a great guy". Other than that, I sided with him all the time. I told him that I wanted to leave the Motor Inn in the RV, talked him down instead of fighting him on the train, shot Duck myself, etc. He didn't give me the bro speech at the end of Episode 4, but he still came to find Clem because I told him that she was my family.

  • I think it might have to do with having him come with Lee or not.

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